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Singer Island Condo or House?

It's no surprise that those that choose Singer Island for their home do so because of the water. Whether you love to be close to the ocean or simply want the ocean view, Singer Island, located just off the mainland from Riviera Beach Florida, is one of the top destinations for vacationers, seasonal residents and permanent locals.

Singer Island is accessible along A1A from Riviera Beach or south along Highway 703 from Juno Beach. Rated one of the top beaches in Palm Beach County Florida, Singer Island is a beautiful offshore island destination just north of Palm Beach.

There are dozens of beautiful homes and waterfront estates on the west side of the island with inlets and waterways perfect for owning a boat, having a boathouse, or having access to the waterways. Those on the east side of Singer Island prefer condominiums and high-rise apartments.

As in the publishing of this post there are approximately 16 single-family homes for sale on Singer Island on the west side of Highway 703 with water way access along the inlet priced from $333,000 to $2,725,000. The median single-family home price is about $800,000. There are several homes under $500,000 and about 5 to 6 over $1 million. Most of these homes feature 1 to 3 car garages, three, four, and five bedroom floor plans from 2000 to 40,000 ft.². Nearly every home along the waterway here will feature a dock and boating access.

Singer Island Condominiums are a nice option especially for those that prefer seasonal or recreational residences. The majority of condominium buildings will feature swimming pools, spas, saunas, valet and concierge services, fitness centers and of course, access to the beach. On average there are more condominiums for sale on Singer Island then single-family homes. Again, currently there are about 160 properties for sale in a condominium or attached villa style home. These are priced from $105,000-$8,900,000. You can see that there is quite a range of styles and prices to choose from so finding your perfect condominium on Singer Island is not as unattainable as you might've thought. Of course, for those that prefer the ultimate in luxury and penthouse style with exquisite style, ambience and construction as well as unobstructed views, there are multimillion dollar penthouse, luxury condominiums with every detail taken care of.

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A single-family house or condominium and Singer Island; the choice is yours and there are a variety of prices to choose from. For more information or to get started feeling all of the condos and homes for sale on Singer Island contact me at anytime.