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Palm Beach Gardens is such a beautiful place to call home and there are numerous view homes but it also depends on what type of view you're looking for. Many homes in Palm Beach Gardens are waterfront property but that usually means man-made lakes, natural reserves or ponds. These view homes are specifically talking about ocean, bay, intracoastal or lagoon views. If you're looking for other types of views feel free to contact me with your specifics and I be happy to send you a customized list of homes that meet those requirements. But for this particular purpose, were talking about water view homes that are not necessarily a small Lake you would find in most of the subdivisions around Palm Beach Gardens.

You can skip all of this and go straight to the latest listings but remember, I've only listed a few of the newest listings on this page. Please conduct a customized, advanced search for all view homes in Palm Beach Gardens or again, contact me with your search criteria and price and I'd be happy to send you a personalized list of all the available and active listings that meet those requirements.

View homes don't necessarily have to be expensive. There are simple coach homes or villa starting at around $200,000 that may offer beautiful views of the surrounding area, bay or the intracoastal waterway. Condominiums and coach homes that are attached to another home may be priced around $450,000 or so but still offer beautiful views.

Higher-priced homes of over $2 million will have the most expensive views but also the most elaborate properties as well with customized rooms, high-end finishes and fixtures, multiple amenities such as backyard living spaces, swimming pools and spas.

One factor you need to consider is that real estate agents love to exaggerate. What might be a view is simply a peekaboo view through numerous other homes and trees of a bay or a lagoon several acres away. I also don't mean the view from a drone flying a few yards above for a shot I'll never see! This is not my interpretation of a great "view home". So again, what you might find on this list is simply what category the agent has decided their listing best fits in. But for more accurate examples of view homes in Palm Beach Gardens, my customized list that I prepare ahead of time will be more accurate and more appropriate for your price range giving you exactly what you need because not only do I know the market but I preview homes before hand so that all of the listings you get should be as accurate as possible to what you're looking for.

Start below with these beautiful view homes in Palm Beach Gardens and if you're not finding exactly what you're looking for feel free to contact me at any time. Because I'm an expert in view homes and the Palm Beach Gardens real estate market I can help you find exactly what you're looking for in the right price range. Image from actual local listing via MLS

View Homes in Palm Beach Gardens