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Is staging a home really that vital of a component to marketing and selling your home in Palm Beach Gardens?

Because I work with buyers and sellers in a variety of communities, country clubs and gated neighborhoods throughout Palm Beach County I see what appeals to buyers and what sellers need to be doing in order to get their property sold. Dealing with both sides of the transaction means that I see both sides and know what works and what doesn't work on both ends.

Staging, the art of organizing and designing a living space for a variety of personalities and tastes, is certainly an art form. Not everybody is good at it and those that are, tend to do it professionally. But how crucial is it to selling your property?

Even the best staging in the world could not possibly sell a home that is overpriced. Price truly is the number one factor to getting a home sold. However, staging, location, condition, size and price all play vital factors in whether a home gets sold, how fast, and at what price. Staging is just a component to marketing, but I would say it's at least 25 to 35% of the home selling process. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, having your home staged, designed, and properly laid out means that buyers feel more comfortable in your home and can easily see themselves living in the house. Having too many personal items, clutter, uncleanliness, collections and simply too much "stuff", will all detract from the true bones of the structure. Buyers realize that they're not buying the furniture or items in the home but by using professional items or simply staging what you already have in a neat and organized fashion, gives buyers more of a sense of how they would lay out their home.

One simple way to do this is to leave rooms designed as they were originally intended. This means that you remove any items that could be used as an office out of the dining room and keep the dining room neatly set and ready to go. If you have rooms that just collect storage, it's time to clear those out and make room for either an additional bedroom or a nice office area. If you have a sitting room add books, a pair of glasses, perhaps the wine bottle and a couple of glasses to set the stage and create an environment that would be inviting to the general public. Rather than simply organizing a table and a chair, design and experience such as setting the table for the evening meal, setting a breakfast table with fresh flowers or greens, providing fresh flowers next to a nightstand by the bed with a good book and a pair of reading glasses. Create a spa-like ambience in the bathrooms with fresh linens, live greenery arrangements, soaps and a basket of amenities. Again, we do realize that buyers will not be buying your personal belongings but by giving them an experience as they browse each room, it can create a sense of comfort, peacefulness, and calm, all of which provided attractiveness to your Palm Beach County property.

For more information on staging your home or to contact professional stagers in our area to get your home sold as quickly as possible give me a call anytime.