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What you need to know about pricing and listing your Mirasol Country Club home.

At any given time there are approximately 50 to 60 homes on the market in the Mirasol country club community. There are several distinct neighborhoods and subdivisions within the master-planned community that all offer something a little unique and different in the Palm Beach Gardens area. If you're considering selling it pays to have a professional real estate agent that knows the area and the individual homes in order to price it correctly. Overpricing the home to begin with is real estate suicide. By the time you drop the home to where it should have been priced in the beginning it has probably sat on the market too long, therefore making buyers a little wary of any issues or problems it may have.Price and sell your Mirasol home or property

Pricing a home correctly from the beginning is the key to a quick sale and a fast closing. If you're motivated, serious about selling, and determined to get as much profit from your home is possible there are some things you can be doing in order to appeal to Mirasol country club homebuyers.  

Surprisingly, the most expensive home is not the home that has spent the most time on the market; the home with the longest “days on market” is one that is either over-priced or needs some serious help. Believe it or not, some homes have sat on the market for over 2500 days! We plan on selling your home in far less time but it’s up to you to make the right moves in order to price and sell your home quickly.

First we need to determine if you have a condominium, attached villa or single-family home.  Single-family homes tend to be a bit more expensive starting at around $400,000 up to $3 million. Extensive homes that offer large square footage, extra amenities such as swimming pools or custom-built materials, will naturally be priced higher. Condominiums are a bit more rare in Mirasol and are priced starting at about $450,000.

Here are some factors that we take into consideration when pricing your Mirasol home:

  • Square Footage
  • Number Of Bedrooms And Full Or Half Bathrooms
  • Lot Size
  • On-Site Amenities Such As Swimming Pool, Fenced Yard, Hot Tab, Media Room, Extra Upgraded Rooms, Wine Cellars Or Gourmet Kitchen
  • Condition; Poor, Fair, Good Or Excellent
  • Garage

Condition is one of those things that usually different from real estate agent, buyers and sellers. What one seller considers excellent condition, a buyer may consider fair. Poor condition would usually refer to a fixer property; one that would need plenty of cosmetic and structural repair. Fair condition usually needs cosmetic repairs such as patching holes in walls, replacing carpet or cabinetry, outdated fixtures and materials. Good condition is usually move-in ready with maybe a few minor cosmetic repairs such as potential upgrades to carpets, flooring and countertops but still livable conditions. Excellent usually refers to top-of-the-line and pristine condition from the foundation to the roof and everywhere in between.

If you want to price your home correctly, get it sold in a reasonable timeframe, and close on time, you must start with the price and start with an agent that knows how to price your home correctly, not just tell you what you think you want to hear. Give me a call today and let's discuss your Mirasol property and how quickly it can be sold for the right price.

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