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When you're ready to list your home in you want an agent that not only knows the neighborhood but the market as well and can price it correctly. You don't want to give away the home but you also don't want to sit on the market for a long time. 

listing agent for Mirasol Florida

Because I have worked in the Mirasol area for years I can help list, price, stage and sell your home for the most profit the market can bear. Here is how you can help sell your home.

  • Listen to advice on pricing

I know the area. I know what sells and if you want to sell, you need to price it right. I understand that you may need a certain amount from the house, either for paying off an existing mortgage or putting a larger down payment on another house. Whatever the reason, I will give you the research I've done to show where your house should be priced and how fast I think it could sell at that price. 

  • Stage

Most people don't want to stage but they know that a well staged home gains more profit than one that's not. Take my advice and stage your home. Each room should be set up as it was originally intended. You usually don't need to buy a lot fancy or fussy furniture or decor; often we can use what you have and just rearrange. But, at the very least, organize, stage and clean up each room as if you were setting up a resort hotel.

  • Guard your emotions.

It can be very emotional to sell your home, especially if you have owned it for some time. People get defensive from low-ball offers and it can really harm your chances of getting the terms you want. Be patient, kind and slow to  anger and you might be surprised at how far buyers are willing to come. 

  • Be Flexible.

It can be hard to let go of your house but being flexible can really make the process much easier. Almost no transaction is perfect and there could be bumps along the way on both the buyer and the seller side. If you expect those bumps and not come unhinged it can work wonders for both parties and your level of stress.

I'm here to get the home sold and at the same time give you an awesome experience. IF you are selling and buying another home in the area we can talk about negotiations and how buying and selling with one agent can be an easier transition. Give me a call anytime to find out what your Mirasol home is worth. I'd love to talk to you today.

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