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Drones and the Jupiter Florida Real Estate Market

Drones – We’ve heard this term in the military talking about remote control flying aircraft that is unmanned yet it can go into remote areas too small for a human being. Today, drones are being used for real estate, taking images high up in the sky of an entire neighborhood or community. Are they required to sell a home or do they really make sense when it comes to buying and selling property?

The Jupiter Florida real estate market is teaming with lush tropical landscape, beautiful million-dollar homes, and gorgeous backyards so for buyers looking for all of that and more, having a drone's circle the area might be ideal in finding the right property but is it what drives sellers to hire one real estate agent or company over another?

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These drones are not cheap by any means but they are becoming more popular with high-end, luxury home listings. YouTube searches of drone aerial videos yield thousands of results versus a simple listing with images but others have concern over the privacy act as it inches the federal government closer to regulating airspace for drones and how businesses can use them effectively and legally in their market. Using them for a birds eye view of a golf course or a surrounding community may be ideal and the FAA does permit recreational and personal use of drones so long as they are flown no higher than 400 feet or near airports. However, the FAA in 2007 said unmanned aircraft were excluded for business use. Although things change and people are using the simple videos of neighborhoods and communities to convey the atmosphere and ambience of a particular area, nothing quite gives you an overview like a video taken from 100 feet. It literally allows a buyer to take a virtual tour of the home's exterior area as well as view other homes on the street to see the distance from neighbors, local businesses and schools. Although Google Earth and Google maps also shows these type of details, the drone videos can be more impressive.

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Home sellers may seek out agencies and companies that specifically focus on drone videos but for the majority of homebuyers and sellers in the Jupiter Florida real estate market, finding a company that will take on this could be much more expensive. However, if you're selling a $10 million home you might throw in a few extra bucks for a drone video. Image By Chaagii 0817 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons