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Abacoa is different than just about any other major community or neighborhood in Palm Beach county. The reason is our varied styles of homes. From condos and attached villas to properties that look like they would fit in 100 years ago. Modern and traditional, contemporary and familiar; that's Abacoa. 

Abacoa is located in Jupiter Florida and is one of the biggest communities in the area. It has it's own Town Center with shops, restaurants and markets and features 16 sub-neighborhoods or divisions, each with it's own charm and style. 

Homebuyers have the choice of duplex style row houses in Cambridge with Georgian style designs and townhomes. Luxury townhomes in Antigua or Victorian style townhomes in Charleston Court. Greenwich has a good selection of live/work townhomes with a great mix of residential and retail lifestyles. 

Mallory Creek and Martinique offer a tropical, key-west style architecture. Unique floor plans, island living environment and layouts make for a great option in Abacoa. 

San Palermo and Osceola Woods offer a Mediterranean style architecture that is centrally located in Abacoa. There are townhomes and single family homes with garages offering a tuscan style look and feel. 

New Haven is really the gem in the group. These homes were some of the first in Abacoa and offer Victorian style architecture from decades ago. This is a dual community with townhome and single family properties, two story with wrap around porches in select homes. Really unique for this area. The Island also offers similar homes in 176 Victorian style properties with golf and lake views on a private island in the center of the community. 

How Big is Abacoa Really?

So you can see that there is a lot of different options when it comes to homes and attached homes in Abacoa. The possibilities are endless and so are the prices. Ranging from $100,000 to over $1 million, there's something for everyone. With different options as far as membership, equity, clubhouse options and more, Abacoa makes a great addition to the Jupiter Florida area. Start your online search here for all Abacoa homes and real estate.

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