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Staging your Abacoa Home for a Fast Sale

Abacoa is located in Jupiter Florida and with over 2000 acres this master-planned community is one of the most popular places to live in Southwest Florida. With dozens of individual residential neighborhoods, retail shops and club amenities, Abacoa is the place to be in Jupiter. But, if asked him to sell or perhaps you're just relocating to a new home within the same community, staging your home for today's buyers takes a certain nuance and finesse.  Simply cleaning up the home and hoping for the best may not always get you the best price. If you're looking for the absolute most profit from your Abacoa home it's best to consider professional staging or some serious staging of your own. Sometimes, knowing what not to do can be just as important as learning tips and strategies for staging.

Here are some of the best dues and doubts for staging your Abacoa home for a fast sale.


Think of your home as a five-star resort; you're trying to appeal to a wide range of different types of buyers from first-time buyers in their 20s to retirees and everyone in between. Keeping the home neutral and warm is one of the best ways to generalize a marketable home to just about any buyer. By keeping this in mind you can make little adjustments here and there throughout the home as you would stage a beautiful hotel room ready for guests.

Pack up about half of the items. This includes furniture, items in closets, drawers and cupboards, and any items simply collecting dust the house. Knickknacks, memorabilia and personal collections need to be carefully packed away. Again, think of the five-star resort; you would want to see the manager's collection of baseball memorabilia or personal family photos on the nightstand.

Consider first impressions from the front door to the back door and everywhere in between. The curb appeal something that stands out in MLS photos and from the curb. Keep flowerpots clean, trimmed, and yards mowed. This may even be a good time to hire a professional landscaper to keep the place in tiptop shape as possible.


Don’t assume that buyers are looking for that "lived in" environment. They were clean, clutter free, and perfectly staged. Remember, you're competing with model homes and show rooms and serious sellers that will do anything to get buyers to the door. You have to offer buyers something fresh and new for a lower price.

Don't price your home high just to have some wiggle room. You may find your home sitting on the market much longer than anticipated if you price it high and then lower the price if you don't get any bites. It's best to price it correctly from the beginning to get more buyers through the door and possible multiple offers on the table.

Don't hover or offer personal tours of your home. It's best to leave the home and take any children and pets with you so that buyers still comfortable browsing your home discussing the pros and cons and potentially an offer.

Each home is unique and I would love to help you sell your particular home in Abacoa. Call me today for more information or for a free listing presentation as well as tips and suggestions to staging, marketing and selling your Abacoa real estate.

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