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Don't Miss the Final WalkthroughDon't Miss the Final Walkthrough

The final walk-through on a real estate purchase is an important step and one that should not be missed by most homebuyers. This walk-through should be done with your real estate agent a couple of days before closing. This is the time to make sure that all of the projects, repairs, or items from the home inspection have been completed. This is also the time to make sure that the house is in livable conditions. For instance, the seller can't trash the house right before you move in. If anything is out of place, things have been removed that were supposed to convey with the purchase, if the house is trashed or items have not been completed that have been agreed upon on the home inspection report, now is the time to make note of it and make sure the seller corrects it.

What happens if the house is trashed at the final walk-through? 

If for some reason the house is in disrepair during the final walk-through the buyer's agent will need to talk to the listing agent about the issue and make sure that the seller corrects it before signing. Buyers don't have to sign if things are not completed. Certain items like paint cans in the garage, cleaning supplies etc. may be okay but if there are other issues, bigger issues that need to be corrected before closing, they will need to be addressed by the seller before the buyer agrees to sign.

Many multiple listing services even have a form that states any items left by the seller, personal property, fixtures, or other items remaining on the property when possession is transferred to the buyer shall become the property of the buyer and may be retained or disposed of as the buyer determines. However, Sellers should agree to clean the interior of any home and remove all trash and debris prior to the buyer taking possession. Items that the seller can't take include window coverings, anything attached to the house, and appliances if they stated they were conveying with the property.

What if repairs are not done?

If agreed upon repairs from the home inspection report contingency have not been completed, the buyer's agent will need to talk to the listing agent about when those repairs are going to take place. They must take place prior to closing. Even if the seller has moved out, items still need to be taken care of before the seller can take possession.


Let's move on to the final closing