Living in a Florida HOA has many benefits. And that is one of the reasons why you should bother about giving this piece your attention. However, different locations have their Home Owner's Association. Perhaps you don't know what an HOA is, it means Home Owner's Association. It takes care of the affairs in any particular community that chooses to have it.

Where there is a Home Owner's Association, they own the land and everything outside your home.

How is a Home Owner's Association formed?

Any community that feels there is a need for one can make one. If the community is in unison for the idea, then they can form an HOA. Volunteering Homeowners will make up the HOA board. The Board oversees the administration and organization of the community.

How can you benefit from an HOA?

An assumption by common sense is that living in a community is easier when everyone is involved in the maintenance of the environment. And that's the aim of the association everywhere including Florida. This makes living in the community more comfortable. There are regulations agreed by the community, which every home must abide by. Otherwise, fines will be implemented. In extreme cases where fines are not paid, the association has the right to possess the defaulter's property.

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Are you wondering how popular HOA's are?

In 2019, the United States had 347,000 HOA communities. This amounts to approximately 70 million residents at that time. As a matter of fact, the largest of these communities is ‘The Association of Poinciana Villages.’

Do I have to pay dues in Florida HOA?

Most associations pay dues. One of the vital functions of the HOA is to keep the environment in good order. Hence, there is a need to pay dues for maintenance to be a success.

Can I opt-out of an HOA?

No — You have no power over an existing association. However, you can refuse the formation of one where there is none.

Common Regulations in a Florida

In the best interest of the community and in accordance with their responsibility the association has some rules that guide how the community is run.


The Home Owners Association has a say in the breed of pets that occupants can keep. Aggressive dog breeds are usually not allowed. City regulations can also have an effect on the pet restrictions that the board enforces.

Home Exterior

You already know that the association owns the exterior of your home. So, if they choose to decide what your exterior looks like, you have to key in. In Florida, you need to seek the approval of the association before changing the exterior of your house.


The association decides the material used for your physical boundaries. They also determine the height, style, and color of your fence.

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When it comes to how to park your vehicles, safety, security, and beauty are paramount, and the board makes the best decision possible.

Sports Equipment and Playgrounds

Many associations forbid playgrounds and sports equipment. The reason is that the equipment can easily become rusty and deface the community environment.

In summary, there are various HOA's in different communities in Florida. Also, HOA only acts in the best interest of the community while having absolute control over the issues around the home exteriors.

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