Nobody wants to make a mistake so if you can prevent them before they occur then you can be ahead of the game and march confidently into homeownership. Having a home inspection is a huge part of the home buying process. Here are some top mistakes many buyers make on their home inspection.

Home Inspections#1. Not inspecting new construction.

Many home buyers feel that if it's new construction there can't be anything wrong with it. They'd rather save that few hundred dollars and not have the inspection. However, just because it's new construction doesn't mean it's perfect. Many homebuyers are notorious for not having new construction inspected. They assume everything is okay and up to code. However, some inspectors can find hundreds of mistakes in a new construction home. You cannot rely on your builder or contractor to make sure that everything is done correctly. Having that unbiased home inspector go through the entire home and property will give you peace of mind.

 #2. Not showing up for your own inspection.

While this is not a requirement it is a crucial part of the home buying process. While we don't recommend hovering over the inspector and simply stepping back to let him do his job, we do recommend being there to ask questions, find out as much as you can and understand the general construction of your home. Written reports after the fact may leave you with many questions and confusion so being there at the time to get your questions answered can put you in a much better position later on. It is optional for your real estate agent to be present during the inspection but you can certainly ask your agent at any time if they feel they need to be present during the inspection.

 #3. Choosing the wrong inspector.

As a professional and experienced real estate agent in the Palm Beach County area I have seen far too many homebuyers use a family member, friend or even just a handyman to look through a house. The problem with this is that this is a huge investment you are purchasing so you need to choose someone that understands all of the nuances, construction and materials of the property. We recommend several qualified and reputable real estate inspectors throughout Palm Beach Gardens in Jupiter Florida but you are welcome to choose whomever you want. However, not using a skilled, knowledgeable and seasoned home inspector could cost you later on.

 #4. Not taking recommendations seriously.

The job of the home inspector is to lay out all of the issues in an unbiased manner. They are not to be alarmists or scare you out of buying the home but simply explain any issues of concern. The problem comes when you don't take serious recommendations into account. No matter how much you love the home, if there are serious hazard or safety issues, this is something to consider. Other items, such as a missing plug-in plate or light switch plate, missing baseboard or a rip or tear in a window screen is not that big of a deal, but larger issues such as a leaking roof, crumbling foundation or faulty wiring are things not to overlook.

#5. Understanding the home inspector does not know everything.

Most home inspectors know a little bit about a lot of different items, and they have too in order to provide accurate information to the best of their ability. However, they don't know everything and they cannot predict every faulty issue or future breakage that will occur.  You cannot hold them responsible for missing items that will happen later in the future.  The best that they can do is to provide accurate information on what condition the property is currently in.

Buying a home should be fun but you'll also want to take into consideration these crucial steps in the home inspection process. Learning as much as you can about your investment can put you steps ahead in saving for future replacements. 

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