Whether you need to sell your house in December or it's been on the market for a while, you're probably itching to decorate yet your real estate agent says to keep it to a minimum. How do you sell a home during the holidays? There are advantages, actually, to selling this time of year as stressful as it might be. But, here are some top tips for selling during the holidays. - READ: The Ultimate Sellers Guide

#1. Keep decorations to a minimum.Top 10 tips for selling a home during the holidays

Don't cover up your home's most prominent features such as a mantle or the staircase. Minimal decorations, things from nature, and tasteful decor can set the mood for the holidays without being over-the-top.

#2. Make sure your agent has bought and sold properties during the holidays.

You don't want someone that's just going to disappear or go on vacation this time of the year. Have an agent that is willing to work with you throughout the process even if a buyer submits an offer on Christmas Eve.

#3. Remember that buyers this time of year are motivated.

Anyone house hunting during the holidays definitely has to buy. Try to work with your agent to seek out motivated buyers such as those relocating for jobs, tax deadlines, or military personnel that need to buy quickly.

#4. Price it correctly.

This is not the time to haggle with the price. Pricing a home correctly from the beginning means the right buyers will get in the door and the right offer will be on the table. Rather than make small price reductions, price it to sell from the beginning. A good rule of thumb is to price it 5% under your closest competition.

#5. Don't neglect curb appeal.

A lot of deciduous trees may be losing their leaves this time of year but it doesn't mean that you should neglect curb appeal. Spruce up the yard and put a nice wreath on the front door, rake up any fallen leaves, and keep the yards trimmed and mowed.

#6. Invest in professional photography.

Seriously, the photos can make or break a sale and this is the first thing that buyers are going to see, typically online so make those photos amazing.

#7. Consider a video tour.

Shooting a video to her may attract house hunters who don't have the time to physically see the property or may live out of state.

#8. Make your home feel cozy and warm.

You want buyers to linger in the home and envision themselves living there so make it an emotional treat for them with apple cinnamon scent in the air, warm cookies baking, soft music, and the fire going in the corner, as long as it's not a fire hazard if you leave the property.

#9. Offer incentives.

Consider paying closing costs or other incentives that your agent they have up their sleeve to entice buyers to purchase this time of year.

#10. Try and relax.

This can be a stressful time to sell your home but try to relax, enjoy the season with your family, and try not to make any messes that can't be cleaned up within about 30 minutes.



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