We can fill in all the fluff we want with legal descriptions and flowery words but really, buyers just want to know these 10 simple things. The better we present them, the clearer it is.

#1. Location and Neighborhood.Top 10 Things Home Buyers Want to Know

Where is the house? Is it a safe neighborhood? What about the schools? Distance to shops and markets? This is what the people want to know.

#2. Price

Obviously, they want to know the price. Some homes come in a price range and that's okay, but they need to know.

#3. Appearance

We want to know how it looks. Is it attractive, a fixer-upper, move-in ready? People obviously want to know what it looks like.

#4. Layout and floor plan.

This doesn't need to be an actual floor plan of the property but several pictures should give you an idea of how the floor plan operates. Is there a bathroom off the kitchen? Is there an additional room with a closet that would be perfect for a den or office space? People want to know the general layout and what to expect.

#5. Total number of rooms.

People basically just want to know how many bedrooms and bathrooms the home has. In many newer homes, 3+ bathrooms are common, but homes in the 1950s really only had one or maybe one and a half bathrooms.

#6. Lot size.

While many people can't visualize the square footage of a lot, saying the lot is a half-acre or quarter-acre may give them some idea as to how big the lot is.

#7. Square footage of the house.

Same with square footage, unless you are familiar with how big a thousand square feet is, people may not be able to visualize how big a home is by the square footage, however, saying that it has a large square footage of over 3000 ft.², does give some comparison.

#8. Community details.

This could go with the neighborhood, but it's important to talk about homeowner association fees and if the community is gated or has its own amenities such as a swimming pool or tennis courts.

#9. Additional features.

If the home has a swimming pool, hot tub or maybe the wine cellar, those additional features are definitely something buyers want to know about.

#10. Contact information for more details.

We can give everybody all the details in the world but if there's no way to schedule a showing of the property for a phone number to be able to answer more questions, it's pointless. Make sure contact information, phone number or email address is front and center. [Adapted by RealtorMag]


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