Planning a home renovation

Renovations are amongst the best ways to breathe new life into homes and bring them back to life. However, renovating a residential property isn't always a walk in the park. Proper planning has to take place before any changes can be made to the structure. If you have a plan in progress for your home renovation, you can make it a success by taking note of the following factors in this article.

Continue to read to find tips on planning the perfect home renovation in Jupiter, FL.

Building Code

Different places have regulations when it comes to house renovations. Find out what the regulations are in your area so you know what you can and cannot do when renovating your property. By following these results, you can restore the appearance and structural integrity of your house without running into legal issues down the road.


Renovating your home won't be cheap, and you will have to prepare yourself to spend a substantial amount on this project. If major changes have to be made to bring your home back to tip-top condition, this is particularly true. Setting and sticking to a budget will help you keep your costs low without compromising on quality.

Building Materials

As much as possible, we recommend going for building materials with the highest possible quality that will fit into your budget. You may end up spending more, though the cost will be worth it once your renovated areas are more durable and resilient and won't be easily damaged.

Pick the Right Team

Once you recognize you might need extra help in the renovation process, the next step is to pick a good team. Part of determining who should be on your remodeling team will be based solely on the scope of your job. To determine what help you need, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the floors being replaced? If you are having new flooring installed, chances are you may only need a tile contractor or a flooring installation professional.
  • Do you need to pull permits? If you are planning on pulling permits, that could indicate you will need to hire a general contractor, though it is not always the case, so follow up with legalities.
  • What is your comfort zone? Some who are partaking in renovations themselves may feel they need a general contractor, while others may feel they need help.

Real Estate expert Bill Gassett of Maximum Real Estate Exposure shared valuable advice with me.  

"When guiding clients on what to renovate in their homes, a critical factor is always the return on investment. Making significant improvements when selling only makes sense if the cost is justified. Will the upgrade make the property more salable or put more money in your pocket than what's left?  

Two improvements that come to mind that are usually losers are a new roof and replacing windows. Unless a roof leaks and causes damage to a property, it should be skipped. You're better off negotiating something less than the replacement cost with the buyer. You won't be able to tack on the cost of a new roof to the asking price and expect a buyer to pay for it.

  Windows is another improvement loser when selling. The value comes in replacing windows and saving on energy bills when you have them in your home. They are far too expensive to recoup the cost when selling. I think you should skip this project. However, remember that if they need replacement, that should be accounted for when negotiating the price with a buyer."

The Bottom Line

Make your home renovation a success by following this article. If you are interested in additional tips, or if you are searching for experts in Jupiter, FL who can aid in your renovation process, check out the Jupiter area for top-notch property improvement solutions. Contact Your Jupiter Realtor for more information. And for the ultimate sellers guide, visit us here.

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