When it comes to giving your home a new facelift, what is the easiest method? Landscaping! With sunny, spring weather looming upon us, now is the time to beautify your flower beds and the curb appeal of your home. In this warmer time of year, gardens start to come to life thanks to the number of warm-season crops that can be grown at your Floria home.

Continue to read to find out the top tips for landscaping your Jupiter, FL home.Tips For Landscaping your Jupiter, FL Home

According to the Institute of Food and Agricultural Services (IFAS) at the University of Florida, Floridians can continue to plant warm-season crops in April. Below are the following:

  1. Annuals. For a simple means to add bright and vivid colors, coleus is a wonderful annual for spring as it is capable of growing well in either sun or shade.
  2. Bulbs. Daylilies are a favorite in the spring as they provide many months of beautiful blooms with little maintenance.
  3. Herbs. For something different from the norm, try nasturtiums, in your herb garden—the leaves and flowers of this member of the watercress family have a peppery flavor. Since herb plants are smaller, they are perfect for container gardening if you lack the room. Sweet basil, coriander, mint, rosemary, and sage are a few popular herbs that can serve the dual purpose of eye-catching greenery and delicious flavor in all of your favorite dishes.
  4. Vegetables. Warm-season crops, including cantaloupe and okra, can continue to be planted in Florida in late April.

Some other tips for spring planting include using mulch to aid in providing water and preventing weeds. When it comes to incorporating new plants into your landscape design, use the following suggestions to create a well-designed landscape that is easy to maintain.

Kelly Fruit of Firstfruits Landscaping offers some great tips for homeowners:

"Equipment Access. Future home maintenance or renovation projects could take a toll on your beautiful garden if not designed to allow machinery access into the yard.

Create a Focal Point. Just as home decorators maintain each room, there should be one decor item that draws your gaze, acting as a focal point. Your landscape should do the same. Whether it is a small statue or a uniquely colored plant, pick one visually engaging object—make sure it connects with the style of the other landscaping."

  • Avoid Formal Landscapes. Symmetry in a garden can be a challenge, especially when it comes to maintenance. If a plant needs to be replaced with a matching specimen, this can be a nearly impossible task. It is best to go with something more natural and free-form.
  • Add Curves to Your Landscape. Curves add interest to the space, however, too many can quickly become overkill and leave you feeling confused rather than enchanted.
  • Add Movement. Static landscaping is very much like looking at a picture, and we recommend you add plants like ornamental grass that will blow in the breeze, as well as flowers to attract birds and butterflies.
  • Accent Your Home. Use plants and flowers to soften the edges and blend the surroundings of your home, without letting them get overgrown and take over.
  • Keep Plant Size and Growth Rate in Mind. Experts suggest planning your garden space properly so fast and large-growing plants don't dominate your entire landscape. Design with air circulation around plants, which prevents problems with fungus and insects.

Springtime provides pleasant weather and conditions for planting and embracing a landscape project for your home's exterior this season will provide you with pleasurable outdoor living in the upcoming summer months. Explore the best of Jupiter, FL today.