Surprisingly, the interest rates have been going down slightly this year, a contradiction to what some economist predicted. This is great news for both buyers and sellers! However, nothing lasts forever and it will continue to creep, even ever so slowly. Thinking of Selling? What Affects You Right Now

The Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter real estate market is improving greatly and because of this, it will be more expensive to buy a home. This is why I and numerous other real estate professionals feel that your home will most likely sell for the maximum price in 2019 - 2020. 

I know, we all say, that now is the best time to buy, sell - - - whatever! but inventory is very slim especially in the Jupiter area and waiting could result in more homes on the market. There are already new subdivisions like Sonoma Isles and Alton well underway, some of the first of their kind in years, and these will push out many resales over the next couple of years. 

Homebuyers are looking to buy now before interest rates rise too much and the same home will no longer be affordable. With every 1% rate hike, the chances of affording a particular home slip further away for many home buyers and especially first time home buyers. 

This is why buyers will probably be making motivated offers and in some cases multiple offers. Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens are both hot seller's markets right now. Most homes increased in profit this year already and these increases are only set to rise higher in 2020. If you've been on the fence about selling or wonder how much your Jupiter or Palm Beach Garden home is currently worth, don't wait. Because I know the market, pay close attention to the minor fluctuation in market values, supply and demand, I can offer you a more accurate price of what your home may be worth, both now and potentially in 4-6 months should you wait. It pays to trust the experts when it comes to pricing and selling your home for top dollar. So, what are you waiting for?

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