There are plenty of articles for sellers out there on why their home hasn't sold, how to prep and stage for your home and took to get your home sold fast. But, too often sellers simply don't listen to feedback.

When it comes to selling and listing your home your listing agent should do everything possible to make sure that your home is staged and prepped for today's buyers. This doesn't mean leave up every personal photo, create that "lived in" feel, and simply do a general cleaning. It means truly revamping the home so that this home is the one that buyers can't stop talking about. This is the home that buyers want to come back and see. This is the home they want to make an offer on and are urgent in that offer so that no one else gets the home. But, sellers are not going to get those type of buyers if they don't listen to feedback.Are you listening to feedback on your house?

A great listing agent will contact the buyers agent of every single person that has looked at the home asking for feedback, tips on staging and if the home is priced correctly. All of these tips and feedback need to go back to the seller as a positive step in getting the home sold. However, many sellers simply don't listen to the feedback, thinking they know what's best, they know the right price, and those buyers are crazy. But, you get enough of those buyers to provide feedback, sellers that don't change and you have a home that sits on the market for months.

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It can be rough

You have to get yourself in a mindset that accepting of the feedback, regardless of how harsh it can be. If most buyers agents feel that the house is overpriced then it might be time to look at a reduction. If they feel that the house is unkept, not staged, and could seriously use some repair, it's time to address those issues sooner rather than later. This doesn't mean that sellers need to have three or four different buyers telling them the same thing before they do something. Sellers need to take every single bit of feedback and make changes accordingly. Now, if you have one buyers agent that feels that the house is overpriced and three agents that feel it is priced appropriately, then there's probably no need to reduce the price at this point. If you have several agents that say the home is messy, uncluttered, or that it is not staged appropriately, then you really need to look at those issues and make changes accordingly.

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There is some feedback that sellers simply cannot do anything about such as traffic, location and layout of the home. These are issues that cannot be changed. But, any changes that can be made should be taken into account when preparing for the next showing. Also, your listing agent should contact the buyers agent with any news on price reductions and changes that were made because of the feedback. This might be an incentive for buyers to come back to the home.


Straight and simple, listen to feedback. It can truly get the home sold if you listen and follow through with what buyers agents, buyers and your own listing agent tell you. 

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