Should I Buy a Home in Florida in the Summer?

It's hot outside but that's totally normal around here. I think we're hitting a high of 90° today and that can make homebuyers a little sluggish but it's actually a great time to buy. 

Summer in Palm Beach County Florida is usually our slow time when it comes to real estate. When we have comfortable temperatures in the 60s and 70s in the middle of winter it can be easy to buy a house as you're going from one place to another and the outside temperatures don't bother anybody. But, you also have to deal with holidays, the middle of school, and relocating from other places in the country if you're doing so. Selling or buying in one place and relocating to another may not be the easiest unless you're doing it all in Florida. So what are some of the pros and cons to buying a Florida home in the summer?

#1. Florida agents have nothing but time.

Because summer is our slowest time, real estate agents can spend all their time focusing on you and your needs. During the busiest times, real estate agents can take on 10+ homes at a time, which leaves very little time for each buyer or seller. In the summer, we have fewer clients so your priorities and interests get more of our attention.

#2. Less competition.

Because summer is not a busy time, you'll have less competition in the market. Most buyers will either wait until spring, fall, or winter to buy a home so you won't need to compete with a lot of multiple offer situations.

#3. Motivated sellers. 

Because there are not as many buyers, you won't have a lot of competition, which means that sellers will be more motivated and may be more likely to take her lower-priced offer or offers with more incentives to the buyers.

#4. Quicker close.

Many sellers will want to close before school starts, so you're likely to get a faster closing time then when the escrow, mortgage, and real estate industry is really jumping in the winter and fall.

#5. More daylight.

Most people have a day job and can't look at homes all day, every day, but when you're looking for a home in the summer, you may have daylight until 9 PM or later. It makes it nice for those that work during the day to see homes and the neighborhood even up until 10 PM.

#6. No school.

This may or may not affect you but if the seller has children, they're probably looking at summer to sell. It's easier and a little more carefree to move during the summer when you don't have to worry about kids starting into a new school or transitioning out in the middle of the year.

There are a lot of great reasons to buy a home in the summer in Florida said don't let the weather turn you off when there are so many other benefits.

For more information or to get started looking at homes in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, or surrounding communities give me a call today or start your online search here for free.

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