Many home buyers, especially those that have either never purchased a home before work that haven't purchased a home in the last 10 years, may not understand the importance of having a buyer's representative or buyers agent when purchasing property or real estate of any kind. What homebuyers also don't realize is that it's free for the buyers and could actually save buyers thousands of dollars.

If you're considering purchasing a home in Palm Beach County I want to emphasize the importance of having a buyer's representative or having representation from the buyer side before purchasing a home.Save money with a Palm Beach gardens buyers agent

There are two sides to every real estate transaction; the listing agent and the buyers agent. The listing agent has a contract with the seller in order to sell the property. A listing agent advertises and markets the home to potential buyers, buyers agents and other avenues. While the listing agent can also act as the buyers agent, many transactions have a separate agent to facilitate the transaction for the buyer. Why does this matter? Consider this; the listing agent is working for the seller first. Their loyalties and interests lie with the seller and selling that particular Palm Beach Gardens property. If that listing agent also brings the buyer, their loyalties are still to the seller first and the buyer second. It’s very difficult to negotiate the best deal for the buyers if you're also trying to get the best deal for your seller.

Enter the buyers agent. A buyers agent's first responsibility is to the buyer, not the seller of any one particular property. The buyers agent works for the buyer first and considers their finances, negotiating strategies and confidential information before any seller. As a Palm Beach Gardens buyers agent I make sure that all of my buyers have all the information they need to make an informed decision on their next purchase. I offer them all the listings that meet their search criteria and their budget and help facilitate the transaction from their point of view. My loyalties are not to any one particular seller when I'm working with a buyer. Not only are buyers agents free but can actually save you money. How is that? With our confidential negotiating strategies not all sellers and listing agents know your finances nor your background so negotiating for a lower price with better terms have the leverage in your court.

You simply can't lose by using a buyers agent on your next real estate purchase so why wouldn't you? Give me a call today for more information or begin your online search here for free and contact me if you'd like to personally see any of the current listings for sale in Palm Beach Gardens Florida or surrounding towns.