Owning a coastal home brings you constant vacation vibes and views for days. You will have the easiest access to all of the activities and seaside adventures. Many who own coastal homes don’t live in these homes full time and use them for vacations or rent them out as vacation rentals using the various platforms that help you rent out your homes for these purposes. If you are using your home as a vacation rental, you likely have a cleaning service for your home in between rental periods and or before you use the home yourself, but what about your maintenance? There are obvious home maintenance tasks but there are some specifically related to saltwater.Is Saltwater Against A Homes Exterior Damaging


Having constant exposure to the sun, sea, and sand has long-term effects. right sunlight can age your finishes. The wind blowing sand against the exterior can cause rust on the metalwork and can chip away the paint as well as damage any external mechanisms on your home. If the sea level were to rise for any reason you could have flooding damage and this is more likely to happen during a severe storm.


Erosion can happen because your home is not sheltered by being inland. Rain and winds will cause more damage as you are not tucked away between other homes or buildings. Typically shorelines receded near these types of properties and as a result of this, you will experience coastal erosion on your home.


This may come as a surprise but saltwater can create damage to the interior of your home as well. Without knowing it, you will drag sand into your home as you enter and exit. This can scratch the surfaces of any hardwood floor and seep into carpets creating long-term effects and deep cleaning with the eventual need to replace. Being close to the water means that there will be more humidity and this can result in dampness inside your home if it is not properly or regularly ventilated.

How can you protect your property?

You can only do so much to protect your property, but you should stay on top of it. Keeping up with this maintenance should not deter you from purchasing your dream oceanfront property. Pay attention to the property before you purchase it, this means looking into if there has ever been any extensive damage and how that was repaired. Take into account what companies or maintenance services are available so that you have someone trusted you can call, especially if you are not living in those homes full time. Make sure you have the appropriate insurance and home warranty that gives you the coverage you will potentially need.

In Conclusion

A beachfront home is the ultimate dream. As with purchasing any home, there is a lot to consider and the area surrounding a home is a big part of that. A home by the sea gives you your own set of considerations to ensure you are properly taking care of the home and your ability to commit to that. Every home requires you to take care of it a protect it from environmental damage and owning a home by the sea just has its own set of specifics.

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