What a scary weekend. I'm not going to bore you with another finance blog or tips to buying... we always share that. What we need to share is the reality that many Floridians had to deal with this past week. Scary Hurricane Matthew. Hurricane Matthew

Sure, we get tropical storms, rain many afternoons but nothing was scarier than being told to pack up the most important things and evacuate. We really didn't know what we'd come back to. So many of my friends, family and clients in many of my favorite communities were being told to get out of dodge. So that's what most of us did. Packed up and headed east. 

What a welcome relief it was to return a couple days later to some limbs on the ground and pockets of power outages. Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and surrounding villages and communities seem to be just fine. I'm sure some homeowners will be contacting their insurance companies for some damage repair but all in all, we are safe, dry and secure.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers over the past week. It's been a crazy one but we still love this part of the country and wouldn't think of living anywhere else. Every place has it's issues, but when you have over 300 days of sunshine, gorgeous beaches and fabulous views and weather, why move?!

Here's hoping you are safe as well! Shine on, Florida.