There are no shortage of gated communities throughout Palm Beach County. From some of the newest Alton and Sonoma Isles to the tried-and-true Mirasol and Abacoa, gated communities are in abundance throughout Palm Beach County but are they really what you're looking for? There are pros and cons to gated communities and it's important to understand both to make sure this is the direction you'd like to go.

 Here are some of the benefits, pros, and advantages to Pros and Cons to Living in a Gated Community in Floridaa gated community.

#1. Security. This is usually one of the number one things people go for when looking at gated communities. They don't want just anyone being able to travel through the neighborhood or knock on their door. This naturally makes people feel safer about living in a community than a typical neighborhood as there are lower crime rates.

#2. Exclusivity. While you don't necessarily have to spend a fortune for a gated community there is a sense of exclusivity that people really enjoy.

#3. Privacy. Most gated communities have monitoring going on at all times so that no one can just come in and out whenever they want. This decreases the amount of interference from the outside world.

#4. Low traffic. Because only residents and their guests are traveling throughout the community you're not can have a whole lot of unnecessary traffic. This may mean that the streets are quieter and safer and a lot of commuters will be bothering you.

Drawbacks, cons, or disadvantages to a gated community.

#1. Higher prices. Although you can find homes and gated communities around the $500,000 mark most homes and gated communities are upwards of $1 million or more. However, if you can afford it and this is your budget, gated community may be a great option for you.

#2. Difficulty getting in. The same advantage can be a disadvantage because anyone visiting your home will need to be added to the list, have a security code, or need to wait in line at the guardhouse. There are usually stipulations for package deliveries and guests, but it does slow things down a little bit.

#3. Additional cost. Because you live in a gated community there are extra expenses to the guardhouse, gate management, and upkeep so your home association fees may be more.

#4. Specific rules. There are usually rules when you live in a gated community and they can be very strict meaning you may not be able to list and sell your house the exact way you want to or paint your house or choose your own landscaping. Rules are usually put in place to keep properties looking consistent, which is something you may not like.

You can see there are pros and cons to a gated community but as long as you understand them and are willing to adhere to these roles or you like the fact that there's more security and rules, a gated community might be ideal.

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