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April 24, 2023

Designing Your Backyard Beach in 2023

If you live in a coastal town, whether you have an oceanfront home or not, you want to exemplify the area you live in. It can be a fun project to make your backyard a seaside resort. Surprisingly, you can do this at a pretty affordable price compared to other landscaping styles. So, if you want to design your backyard beach, take a look at some of the fun ideas to incorporate below.

Designing Your Backyard BeachDesign the perfect backyard beach


If you have enough space, you could include a sand area or dune in your backyard. The presence of sand will make your backyard feel like a beach. You can do this by using landscape fencing and creating a beachy seating area with space for a fire pit. You could create little mounds of sand to give the impression of dunes.

Fire Pit

A fire pit in your backyard is a nice element, especially for entertaining others. You can make your firepit area look exceptionally beachy by adding Adirondack chairs and placing this entire scene in a sand pit area.

Saltwater Pool

If you are considering the addition of a pool a saltwater pool will make you feel like you are at the beach. If you already have a pool, you can convert it to a saltwater pool, but you need a professional expert to assist with this conversion. Saltwater pools are eco-friendly but more expensive.

Pond with a Beach

You can add a pond water feature to your backyard and use a sandy beach area to come up to the edge creating your backyard beach. You want to use a sloping grade that leads into the water.

Outdoor Shower

Outdoor showers are exceptionally handy for living near the coast and your backyard beach oasis. This allows you to clean off before entering your home and prevents you from tracking in the elements.

Palm Trees

If you want to create a beach oasis then using palm trees will certainly elevate the space and bring in the beach. This will give you a tropical atmosphere.

Tiki Bar

If you are thinking about entertaining, then adding a bar to your backyard will bring out the fun. If you are keeping it beachy then make it a tiki bar. Create a tropical beach atmosphere in your backyard kitchen and bar. Consider a built-in barbecue and patio awning. You will have a great entertaining space and one your guest will be talking about.

In Conclusion

Your backyard beach is going to be your favorite part of your property if you take the time to plan it out well and do your research. Consider the natural elements around you and how you can use them to your advantage. Creating an entertaining space like this can make your property near the ocean a great Airbnb or vacation home for you and your family.

For more information on the oceanfront or beach town property in Palm Beach, contact us. We would be happy to help you with all of your buying, selling, and investing needs.

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April 17, 2023

Interesting Facts About Palm Beach

Palm Beach County is one of the top-ranking destinations for many reasons. It is known for its incredible views, homes, shopping, and culinary scene. Whether you live in Palm Beach, visiting, or considering relocating, there are some interesting facts you should know about this incredible location. Palm Beach County is popular for a reason, so let's take a look at why.

Interesting Facts About Palm BeachInteresting Facts About Palm Beach

The Land

Palm Beach County is bigger in land size than other areas. it is the second-largest county in all of Florida. This is exactly why many different businesses are excited about building their business in Palm Beach County.

Easy Acces

Palm Beach County is known for being home to one of the most convenient airports. The airport is nearby some top resorts, the best beaches, and lots of accommodations. Travelers are in good hands when they spend time in Palm Beach.

The Accommodations

Palm Beach County has an abundance of hotels. There are a lot of options to choose from depending on your needs. You can get waterfront accommodations or something a little more inland next to lots of shopping and dining.

The Sports

Palm Beach County offers a bunch of sports activities for you to enjoy. There are incredible water sports such as swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, canoeing, and kayaking. The recreation at your fingertips in Palm Beach is incredible.

The Agriculture

The Palm Beach County area is the biggest sugarcane production. Agriculture also produces bell pepper and sweet corn. This agriculture production also provides the area with a lot of job opportunities.

Best waterfront communities in Palm Beach County

The Education

The school district in Palm Beach County has some of the top rankings. there are excellent programs for all learners and the quality of educational training students receive is visible to the community and surrounding areas.

Shopping & Dining

This area is one of the world's biggest tourist spots so as a result there are incredible shops and restaurants. You have a large number of options to choose from depending on what you are craving and what your budget is. Palm Beach is a convenient place for shoppers and foodies.

Best Gated Communities in Palm Beach County

The Lifestyle

If you are looking for a lifestyle that offers you access to it all, Palm Beach has the finest of everything. The lifestyle is considered a bit upscale and classy and is something that many desire. You can truly make your dreams come true in Palm Beach County.

Here are the 3 Most Popular Communities in Palm Beach 

In Conclusion

There is so much to learn about Palm Beach County whether you are looking to relocate or simply visit. Palm Beach has so much to offer and each of these topics is fun to dive into with more detail as to what you want to know about the area. You are sure to be happy with all of the activities, great education, and lifestyle that so many desire.

If you're looking to buy, sell, or invest in a home in Palm Beach County, contact us. We would be happy to help you navigate this incredible place as you enjoy calling it your home.

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April 11, 2023

What To Do In Juno Beach This Summer 2023

Juno Beach is on the South Atlantic ocean shore. Juno Beach is just north of West Palm Beach. There is so much to do in Juno Beach that you are sure to have a blast all summer long. If you're looking to plan out your summer in Juno Beach, take a look below at some of the best things you and your family can do.

What To Do In Juno Beach This Summer

Juno Beach FloridaWhat To Do In Juno Beach This Summer 2023

The beach itself is so beautiful and one of the best places to explore. If you enjoy walking or biking, you will love this beach. There are so many trails to enjoy in addition to outdoor activities. There are dunes and wetlands available for those nature lovers. This is always a great place for those who love photography.

Juno Beach Park

Juno Beach Park is a great spot for recreation. This is where the Juno Dunes natural area is located. There are several beaches nearby and you are conveniently located east of downtown Miami and the Atlantic coast. The park features a natural area of dunes, coastal wetlands, and several sandy beaches. Visitors to Juno Beach Park can enjoy swimming in the ocean, hiking, birding, surfing, and wildlife viewing.

Golf Resort

If you love Golf, then you are in a great spot in Juno Beach. There are plenty of luxurious golf courses in Palm Beach County. You can find a golf course to fit just about any skill level. Whether you are looking for a place to stay during a tournament or just want a relaxing vacation near your favorite sport, take a look at some of the golf resorts in Juno where you can spend your time at.

Natural Trails

If you’re an outdoors enthusiast, you’ll love the many hiking trails in Juno Beach, Florida. You can choose from long-distance hikes to shorter walks. The nature trails offer stunning views, wildlife, and scenic spots.

You can also participate in outdoor activities like climbing, fishing, kayaking, scuba diving, or bird-watching. You’ll also find opportunities to participate in outdoor training like backcountry skills and wilderness first responder.

Grab Lunch

If you’re a foodie looking for a fun way to spend the day, consider grabbing lunch or dining at a local eatery. Whether you want to dine with friends or enjoy your meal while enjoying the waves, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of excellent restaurants.

You can pick from a classic seafood restaurant to a hip Mexican joint. You can also pick from a delicious selection of fusion restaurants or a local burger place.

If you’re looking for a place with a view, you’ll appreciate the many high-rise buildings that offer beautiful views of the beach. You can pick from a rooftop restaurant that offers a serene view of the ocean or a beachside restaurant with a view of the sand.

Visit an Art Gallery or Museum

If you’re interested in art, you won’t want to miss the Jupiter Art Center. This center features exhibitions by local and national artists. You can also visit the center to learn about workshops and programs encouraging artistic development.

In Conclusion

While you're enjoying your 2023 Juno Beach summer vacation, why not check out a potential vacation home? For more information on buying, selling, or investing in Palm Beach real estate, contact us. And don't forget to search all Juno Beach real estate and condos here. 

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April 1, 2023

Palm Beach Gardens Best Things to Do 2023

Palm Beach Gardens is said to be the jewel of the Palm Beach area. This is the hometown of many different professional golfers and the Professional Golfers Association of America. Palm Beach Gardens is located inland from the coastline, but you can still smell the ocean air and feel the breeze. When you are in Palm Beach Gardens, you are in the presence of many golf legends.

Palm Beach Gardens ActivitiesPalm Beach Gardens Best Things to Do 2023

Everyone, from children to seniors, can enjoy a vibrant, active lifestyle in the Gardens! The award-winning facilities and programs provide optimal involvement for residents and visitors. From golf and tennis to aquatics and art, year-round opportunities are always available.

PGA National Resort

There are five championship golf courses at the PGA national resort. These courses are absolutely gorgeous and are known for being challenging. These courses draw some of the top players every year for several events, including the Honda Classic which is a premier event for the PGA tour.

The Gardens Mall

The Palm Beach Gardens area has an incredible retail spot called The Gardens Mall. This mall is home to high-end department stores that are designer labels often seen on the runway. The Gardens Mall is open air so you can enjoy the coastal air while shopping your day away. There are over 50 boutiques, several restaurants, and a movie theater.


There are lots of great family-friendly sightseeing tours on the water or fishing trips in the Lake Worth Lagoon.


The dining scene in Palm Beach Gardens is great and one of the favorites of the Twisted Trunk Brewing Company.

Salute Market

The Salute Market is a great place to try out a new wine. This market is a popular destination for those who love to enjoy a new drink and chat with a friend for the afternoon. This market is a winery, bistro, and boutique all put together into one unique place to spend your afternoons.

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park

The John D. McArthur Beach State Park is a gorgeous and well-preserved park. There are 2 miles of beach that include plenty of wildlife and native plants. At this park, you can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, and other common water activities. This park is generally not too crowded, so you can spend a quiet beachy afternoon here.

Roger Dean Stadium

You can catch a great baseball game at Roger Dean Stadium. This stadium is actually the home for the St. Loius Cardinals during their off-season. The stadium is very clean and offers a lot of affordable amenities while you are watching a game. If you love baseball, the best time to visit the Roger Dean Stadium is during spring training.

In Conclusion

If you are looking to make Palm Beach Gardens your home please contact us any time. We are here to help you with all of your buying, selling, and investing in Palm Beach real estate needs. There is so much to explore here and a neighborhood that is right for everyone in the Palm Beach area.

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March 27, 2023

Easter 2023 In Palm Beach

Easter Sunday is fast approaching, and for some, the Easter Bunny has already arrived. If you're a resident or just visiting, you might be looking for some fun family-friendly easter activities. Here are some of the best Easter events in the Palm peach area.

Easter 2023 In Palm Beach

Delray Beach Easter EventsEaster 2023 In Palm Beach

Easter Egg Hunt

On March 25th children can participate in a fun Easter Egg hunt at Delray Marketplace. This is for infants up to age 10. The egg hunt will take place from 11 am-2 pm. There are specific time slots for certain age groups. In addition to the egg hunt, there will be other activities such as a balloon artist, train rides, games, crafts, music, an obstacle course, and plenty of other fun things to do.

Springfest Celebration

On April 7th and 8th there is a great Egg Hunt at the Springfest Celebration at Delray Beach. Friday offers activities for older kids and Saturday is for kiddos up to age 12. The easter egg hunt is free. Please bring your easter basket to participate.


Community of Hope Loxahatchee Campus

On April 1st the Community of Hope Loxahatchee Campus hosts a fun Easter event from 9-11:30 am. There will be games and other activities such as inflatable bounce houses.



The egg-palooza takes place on April 1st at SoFlo church. This a free event with the Easter Bunny, egg hunt, bounce houses, food trucks, and so much more.


Egg’stravaganza is on April 8th. This event takes place at Samuel J. Ferreri Community Park. The egg hunt is free for all, but you need to bring your basket. Photos with the Easter Bunny are $5. If your kiddos want to participate in all of the other activities, you will need to purchase the $10 wristband. 

Boynton Beach


The city of Boynton Beach puts on an annual Egg-stravaganza that will take place on April 8th from 10 am to noon at Centennial Park and Amphitheater,

North Palm Beach

Easter Bunny Fire Engine Visit

On April 8th from 9 am to noon in North Palm Beach, the Easter Bunny will visit every street in the village on a fire engine. You can listen for sirens to hear when you will come along your street so you can run outside to see him.

 Annual Egg Hunt

Anchorage Park will host an annual Easter Egg hunt from 9 am-noon. You will need to bring your basket to participate.


Egg Hunt

There will be an egg hunt on April 8th at the Village Park that is free for all. There will be over 45,000 eggs throughout the fields. This is a popular community event. The egg hunt is divided by age groups. Be sure to bring your basket and look for the eggs with a pink ticket for a special prize.

In Conclusion

For more information on the wonderful Palm Beach neighborhoods and to begin your search for a home, contact us. We would love to assist you with all of your buying, selling, or investing in Palm Beach real estate needs.

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March 21, 2023

2023 Trending Home Styles

Change is one of the most constant things you can expect in life and the design world. Trying to keep up with current design trends can be tricky. If you are looking for a new home or remodeling the one you currently own, you want to keep up with what is current. Reading below might help you find some easy ways you can implement the 2023 trending home styles.

2023 Trending Home Styles

Modern Rustic Style

Modern Rustic Style

The modern rustic style is a 2023 trend because of its use of natural materials and a warm feeling. The modern rustic style is prominently seen in kitchens with natural wood cabinets and stone countertops.

Elegant Farmhouse Style

Elegant Farmhouse Style

The elegant farmhouse style is similar to the modern farmhouse but will have more dramatic colors and oversized items. In a Kitchen, you will see apron front sinks and large hood ranges. Shaker-style cabinetry is going to be seen in any elegant farmhouse-style home.

2023 Trending Home Styles

Modern Spanish Style

The modern Spanish style is a newer approach to the original Spanish style. The Spanish style will be full of terra-cotta floors, arches in doorways, hand-painted backsplash, and butcher block.

Warm and Soft Palettes

In 2023 we will see a lot of warm and soft color palettes coming in as bold and saturated colors in warm tones to bring in a relaxing atmosphere. A lot of designers are using off-white cabinetry and light woods with subtle patterns and bronze finishes.

Natural Materials

Along with the warm and soft palettes, you will see an abundance of natural materials. Many homeowners are implementing this trend by using natural stone countertops and marble tile along with wood cabinets and vanities in white oak. The use of natural materials brings a lot of warmth and authenticity into your home.

Blue Features

We have seen that white and grey have been a staple in design colors for many years but now in addition to the soft and warm-toned color palette, we will be seeing blue. Saturated blue tones in contrast with the other elements in our surroundings will be seen in a lot of home remodels in 2023.

Wood Cabinets

For the last few years, we have seen a lot of white in distressed cabinetry now, we are looking back to natural wood cabinetry in the kitchen. White oak is one of the popular choices right now along with walnut. The natural wood combined with bold warm tones or blue is the best 2023 trending design style combination you can find.

2023 Trending Home Styles

Workstation Sinks

Workstation sinks are popular right now. This gives homeowners a more commercial feel to their kitchen and maximizes the space for long-term use. Kitchens of any size or style can be altered to allow for a workstation sink.

Curbless Shower -Continuous Flooring

In your bathroom, you might want to consider a curbless shower. This means the shower flooring will run into the bathroom flooring seamlessly.

In Conclusion

Whatever your preferred style is, you want to make your house a place of comfort that you love. For more information on buying, selling, or investing in Palm Beach real estate, contact us. We would love to help you with your homeownership journey.

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March 14, 2023

Florida Oceanfront Home Maintenance 2023

Do you have an oceanfront home as your primary residence or vacation home? Either way there is some important maintenance you will need to do if you own oceanfront property. Maintaining your home is imperative because it is your largest asset. Property next to the coast in Florida is affected by the sea air in different ways depending on the season.

Oceanfront Home Maintenance

Metal and RustFlorida Oceanfront Home Maintenance 2023

Sea air can cause rust. This means you will want to use stainless steel or coated metals for protection. You want to make sure any metals you have a washed regularly so any residue is removed. If you ever find any rust, it needs to be cleaned and coated with protection to prevent any further damage.


If your home is on the coast, then you want to have a lot of windows and doors to maximize your views. These windows and doors can easily get dirty and foggy with the sea air, so they need to be cleaned regularly.

More: What all Floridians Want in a Kitchen


Wood is a very sensitive natural element and it can be susceptible to water or salt erosion. You want to have all of your wooden doors, windows, or finishes checked and treated regularly to prevent from having rotting wood.


Coastal areas not only deal with salty air but also rainy storms. These homes deal with higher moisture levels and need to be checked on for potential water damage. You want to catch a problem early on, so make it a point to regularly check the external and internal of your home.


In addition to the waterproofing, you want to look for signs of mildew. Coastal homes have more humidity that can cause potential mildew to build up inside the home and furnishings. Keep everything dry and clean as well as air out the home when possible.


Due to the sea and salty air, you will need to use the proper paint for your home. Regularly check for any cracks or damage to the external paint so you can prevent further damage.

Sun Damage

Coastal homes will be affected by sun damage. Just as with all of the other factors, you need to check for this damage regularly. Any fabrics that receive direct sunlight or heat will endure damage over time.

In Conclusion

Owning an oceanfront home will require more maintenance. Whether it is your primary residence or a vacation rental, you may want to consider a maintenance company so that your know these things are being checked on. Keeping up on your maintenance will save you time and money long term.

If you are interested in oceanfront property in Palm Beach, contact us. We are here to help with all of your Palm Beach real estate needs.

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Feb. 28, 2023

Best Schools In Palm Beach

When your kids reach school age, you have big decisions to make. Deciding on your kid's school can be a challenge, especially when you live within a large school district with many schools to choose from. If Palm Beach is a place you want to be, we have made a simple list to help you find out what the best schools are in the Palm Beach County School District.

Best Schools In Palm BeachBest Schools In Palm Beach

Wynnebrook Elementary School

Wynnebrook Elementary School is in the central region of Palm Beach County School District. This school has been open since 1966. It serves students in pre-kindergarten. through 5th grade. This school come highly rated and even offers a program for gifted students. The school has a great student-to-teacher ratio and students can easily get access to one-on-one help when needed. There is a strict dress code that requires students to be in uniform whether they are participating in person or virtual learning.

Dwight D Eisenhower Elementary

The Dwight D Eisenhower Elementary school opened in 1970 and serves students in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade. This is another top-rated school and is known for its inclusion in environmental science. This school has high proficiency scores in reading and math. This school also has a strict dress code that students must follow, however, there is no uniform.

Wellington Landings Middle School

Wellington Landings is the top-ranking middle school. It is located in the central region of the school district. Wellington Landings opened in 1987 and typically serves about 1,300 students. This middle school has the highest proficiency ratings in reading and math. There is a =n enforced dress code, but no uniform is required. Class sizes and student-to-teacher ratio are excellent. Wellington Landing offers students a fine arts academy as well as a pre-information technology academy.

Polo Park Middle School

Polo Park Middle School opened in 2000. This middle school has a smaller population than Wellington Landings. Polo Park also has great proficiency rankings and wonderful full-class size and ratios. This school offers differentiated programs. There is Pre-IT Magnet and Pre-Engineering,

Suncoast High School

Suncoast High School is one of the top two high schools in the district. This high school has a 99% graduation rate. There are several specialized programs at Suncoast. Students can participate in Innovative and Interactive Technology, International Baccalaureate, or a Math, Science, and Engineering program.

Boca Raton High School

Boca Raton High School is located in the southern part of the Palm Beach School District region. This school serves a large population of about 3,500 students. Even though it is such a large school, it still has incredible rankings. There are amazing programs such as culinary arts and pre-med. Boca Raton also has a 99% graduation rate, just like Suncoast. Even with its large student population, class sizes remain small and the student-to-teacher ratio is around 19:1.

In Conclusion

If you are looking to relocate to the Palm Beach area, contact us to find the real estate that will best suit your child's education and future. We would be happy to assist you with any of your Palm Beach real estate needs.

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Feb. 21, 2023

Reasons To Love Homeownership In Palm Beach

Palm Beach is known for its white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. It is full of stunning architecture and beautiful homes. Some homes will catch the eye of many different home buyers and their tastes. If your thinking about making Palm Beach your home, read below. There are lots of reasons homeowners love Palm Beach and these are just a few.

Reasons To Love Homeownership In Palm BeachReasons To Love Homeownership In Palm Beach

The Market

The Florida real estate market has been hot and steady for quite some time now. Palm Beach has consistently been a sellers' market and experienced record-setting sales in luxury real estate. Palm Beach is a great place to invest in high-end real estate. Prices are currently still competitive and it is a good time to start looking at investing now. Knowing you are buying into a market that projects your home to have great value is just one reason why homeowners love investing in Palm Beach.


The state and local tax laws in Floria are friendly to their residents. This is why a lot of people have moved to Florida from other states. Florida has no income tax and the property tax laws are more favorable than that of other states. The taxes combined with the weather make for a popular spot to move to. If you are relocating to Palm Beach you will surely be happy with its tax-friendly atmosphere.


Not only are many citizens from other states moving to different parts of Florida, but so are big corporations. This is just another reason to love owning a home here because there is job opportunity. There have been several wealth management companies and private firms that have moved their headquarters to Florida. West Palm Beach specifically has become a hub for some of the country's biggest financial firms with several relocating their regional and headquarters offices to Palm Beach County.

Great for Families

One of the top reasons homeowners love Palm Beach is the family-friendly atmosphere. Palm Beach is full of incredible communities that have all the amenities a family could want and more. This makes for a great place to raise your family. The schools are top-ranked. The area has every activity your children may want to be a part of. Proximity to the beach makes for consistent family fun and access to all water sports.

Cultural Events, Dining, and Experiences

If you are heavily involved in cultural experience or dining, Palm Beach is the place to be. There are incredible dining and shopping areas. The food scene represents culinary cuisine from all over the world. Several festivals and events come through the Palm Beach area that celebrates different cultures and offer family-friendly experiences.

In Conclusion

Palm Beach is truly the place to be for all of these reasons and more. Homeowners truly love Palm Beach for all that it offers them and the lifestyle cannot be beaten. If you are interested in buying, selling, or investing in Palm Beach real estate, contact us. We would be happy to help you navigate all of your Palm Beach real estate needs.


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Feb. 13, 2023

Landscaping Your Oceanfront Home

Landscaping Your Oceanfront Home

Anyone can transform their outdoor space into their oasis and getaway, but you have to consider your location. Your landscape is what provides visual appeal to the outside of your house. An oceanfront home provides incredible landscape, so how can you enhance this location on your property? Let's look at how to best landscape for your oceanfront home.

Landscaping Your Oceanfront Home


Hardscape is such an integral part of your landscape. There are the stones, paving, and or retaining walls you use on the outside of your home. Even your decks or patios are a part of this category, This allows you to access many different parts of your property. You can create a path that leads to the water or an outdoor fire pit. You can even consider any additional outdoor seating as a part of your hardscape. With an oceanfront property, this can be especially inviting and integral in the functionality of your landscape. Depending on your proximity, you could even consider a dock as a form of your hardscape.

Entertaining Space

If you have an oceanfront home then you are likely to use your home for entertaining guests or vacationing. Consider additional entertaining spaces like a pergola, or outdoor kitchen. Think of the things you love to do and how you can incorporate that into your outdoor living space. Don't forget to include some kind of outdoor table or eating area. People are most known for gathering for meals. There is no better way to entertain than providing a meal with an incredible view.

Highlight The Views

You have waterfront property and this offers incredible views. You want to highlight this as much as possible. Using your outdoor hardscape, can you include a waterside gazebo or pavilion that allows you to enjoy these views in the most capacity? You want to make sure you don't restrict the view in any way with any hardscape you incorporate into your landscape.


You can certainly accessorize your oceanfront property using the surrounding nature. You want to protect and embrace what is around your oceanfront home. Think of designs that use natural rock, plants, and wood. This will keep you cohesive and encourage the ecosystem around you to continue being a part of your landscape. Oceanfront homes will influence your tropical theme that you may include indoors as well.

Think of the local flora and palms and include them in your landscape. There are a lot of ways to include plant life. Big boulders can act as an accent and even add seating space or be used as material for a retaining wall.

In Conclusion

As you begin to think about designing your oceanfront home and the landscape around it, you might need to take a step back and begin searching for your home before designing it. If this is you, we are here to help. For more information on buying or selling coastal property in Palm Beach, contact us. We would be happy to help you with all of your real estate needs.

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