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April 13, 2020

A Buzzworthy Project for Mirasol - Honey for Residents!

A Buzzworthy Project for Mirasol - Honey for Residents!Did you know that the Mirasol Country Club produces its own honey? Mirasol, and affluent country club in Palm Beach Gardens Florida has been given approval to place beehives throughout the 2300 acre community to use the honey for culinary operations, spot treatments, and salon products. This truly is a 'BUZZ-worthy" project.

Mirasol has always been about sustainable management and the club recently launched a "Bee Inspired" initiative in 2019. Last year, the Marsal Gulf Course Maintenance Director Michael Thomas enlisted the help of beekeeper Sierra Malnove to install 20 beehives in remote parts of the community. Since her installation, there have been more than 430 pounds of honey harvested to be used in the club's restaurants from marinades and appetizers, desserts and cocktails, to spot treatments and salon products.

The logo will be indicated with a "Bee Inspired" logo on menus and on products. There will be lip bombs, beeswax products, and salon product lines with additional uses for future harvests still underway. This truly adds value for members and for obvious environmental benefits.

The honey and related products are available to the Mirasol community only right now but many members have indicated they look forward to giving the products as gifts to friends and family.A Buzzworthy Project for Mirasol - Honey for Residents!

Currently, Florida is ranked #3 in the US for honey production with more than 14 million pounds produced in 2018 alone.

Were excited to see where this takes not only the community but the city of Palm Beach Gardens and the environment as a whole. For those concerned about the beehive placement, talk to your HOA management if there are issues such as allergies but for the most part, these beehives are kept in remote places and only accessible by Sierra and her team.

For now, you can enjoy some of the honey inspired dishes at the Grille restaurant such as honey glazed salmon or Panna cotta with the honey syrup. Or stop by the spot to enjoy some "Bee Inspired" skin treatments, lotions, and beeswax products.

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April 10, 2020

Right of First Refusal | How to Use it in a Real Estate Transaction

In a hot real estate market you'll often find unique contingencies, addendum's and clauses that can alter the traditional aspects of a purchase and sale agreement. The Right of First Refusal is one of those types of documents that you're likely to see in a variety of different markets.right of first refusal

The right of first refusal, also called a kick out clause, is typically given to  buyers that have proposed a contingency in buying the sellers property. This contingency is usually set on their home selling before they can close on the new house. Often times, taking this type of contingency is of great risk to the seller as the home needs to be pulled off of the market waiting for the other home to sell. The right of first refusal is a unique document in that it allows the seller to keep the property on the market waiting for another offer while the buyer strives to sell the property as quickly as possible. If the seller gets another offer before the buyer's home has sold, the seller offers the buyer a "right of first refusal", meaning they will give the buyer anywhere from 24 to 72 hours to pull the trigger on the sellers house otherwise the earnest money will be returned to the buyer and the seller will take the backup offer. This really is a win-win for all as the seller can keep the home on the market and active in the buyers can basically put a "hold" on the property they're trying to buy until their home sells. Really the only drawback is that if the seller does receive another offer in the meantime and that second buyer cannot wait the timeframe needed for the first buyer to make a decision on the right of first refusal.

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Often times this is a great marketing tool for buyers to use if they plan on selling another property. They can find a home, ask about a contingency clause and then put in a right of first refusal, allowing the seller to keep the home on the market. If the buyer's home sells, then the buyer can follow through with purchasing the new home. If the home doesn't sell in the seller receives a new offer, the buyer can cancel the previous offer and either way to their home sells or find a new home to place a similar offer on.

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As a seller, there are certain things you need to look for in this type of clause. You want to know what the buyers willing to pay for the home, which is very standard on most purchase and sale contracts, you need to know if the buyers going to have a home inspection shortly after the approval or if they are waiting and tell their home sells, when the proposed close date is, how long the buyer will have to respond should the seller receive another offer and if the buyer currently has their home listed on the market.

If the buyer does not already have their home on the market this should be a pretty big red flag that the buyer might not be as serious as they should be about selling and purchasing a new home. However, this is where a buyers agent in a listing agent can really do their due diligence. They can communicate back and forth so that time frames, contingencies and all documents are clearly understood.

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While this type of offer is not the norm it also should not be entered into lightly. In a hot market like the Southeast Florida real estate market, houses can be selling quite quickly but this type of offer should only be accepted on a home that is having trouble selling. This might be a short sale home, foreclosure, damaged home or simply an undesirable location. If the seller is having trouble selling their home the buyer might as well. It can leave a lot of unanswered questions as to what type of buyer the seller is dealing with. Is the buyer willing to price the home correctly in order to get it sold quickly? Is the real estate agent listing the home marking it properly?

Right of first refusalThis type of offer is not common but it is a welcome type of offer if the home has not sold in a timely matter or parties or buying and selling at the same time. These simultaneous closings can get confusing but having a seasoned and qualified real estate professional can explain all of the pros, cons, disadvantages and benefits to a right of first refusal clause.

There are other types of right of first refusal such as condominium associations, which can reserve the right to purchase a condominium from a homeowner that might be selling to maintain power over the purchase. This clause is also helpful in land between the homes when the owner of a subdivision sell that particular lot to a homebuyer and there is a vacant lot adjacent to the property. Occasionally, a homeowner will grant a right of first refusal to the person who has already purchased the property.

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Pretty much the only disadvantage to this situation is if the first buyer agrees to go through with the purchase before actually selling their home. If everything looks good and the buyers willing to take that risk, you could end up going to closing with some financial issues on the buyer's end. 

For more information on the right of first refusal, kickback clauses and other tactics to buy and sell real estate with expert negotiation tactics, give me a call today! Let's do this. 


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March 31, 2020

6 Tips for Creating and Maintaining Gardens in South Florida

If you're moving to South Florida from pretty much anywhere else in the country you might think that Florida weather is not that great for a lot of gardening, but, it really is all about finding the right plants and those that thrive in this climate. Sure, it's hot and humid, but some plans absolutely love our weather so if you're trying to grow spinach or sugar peas, you might not have a whole lot of luck. But, a few peppers, basil, and artichokes, and your garden could be blooming with life by Midsummer.6 Tips for Creating and Maintaining Gardens in South Florida

Here are six tips for creating and maintaining a garden in South Florida.

Test the soil

Before you go planting vegetation that just doesn't like your soil, test your soil. Order online a test soil kit or visit a local garden center and ask them what type of soil is best for growing the type of plants you desire. You can even test on soil's pH without a soil kit by collecting one cup of soil from different parts of the garden, separating it, and adding 1/2 a cup of white vinegar. If the soil fizzes you have alkaline soil and most plants thrive in slightly acidic soil with a pH of 5.5 to 7 so depending on how alkaline or acidic your soil is, you'll need to add more nutrients to get where you want it.

Buying plants

Obviously, you can go to any big-box store or even your local hardware store and find plants but what type of plants work best for your environment? It's best to contact a local nursery it's been around for years. They will know the best plants for your soil and your location and also give you tips and advice on what plants to use for getting the most out of whatever garden you are creating. Whether it's a vegetable garden or flower garden, experts at garden centers will typically have great suggestions for native plants and landscaping options.

6 Tips for Creating and Maintaining Gardens in South FloridaWatering

Watering can be challenging for South Florida homeowners as we all need regular drinks from time to time. But, water can cost money and there may be local restrictions depending on your community. Having a fixed irrigation schedule might help but it can be expensive as well. Consider using xeriscaping, which uses native plants and flowers that are literally built to thrive in the weather and offer drought-tolerant roots. Good air occasion is always key and consistency is important. Short, and frequent watering encourages shallow root systems, which is bad for just about any plant or grasses. During the hottest time of year run the irrigation two times a week or even three times it is been extremely dry. In the winter, one week on average should be sufficient. Morning is often best as the water has a chance to soak into the earth without it creating and growing fungus by watering at night.


unfortunately, a lot of Florida soil has no nutritional value so it's important to fertilize your plants, flowers, and vegetation regularly. Controlled-release fertilizer is a simple 14 – 14 – 14, balanced fertilizer that can be used on just about any plants. Liquid fertilizer likes a 20 – 20 – 20 and a plant can take up the fertilizer easier and quicker. Again, talk to your garden specialists, preferably not at a big box store to get the right amount of fertilizer for the type of plants you're growing.

Weed control

With all of the extra watering you'll be doing, weeds will absolutely love your soil and there's really not a whole lot you can do because this is a year-round maintenance necessity. Mulch will definitely help because it blocks the light that weeds need and retains moisture in the soil. However, be careful not to bury the plants and trees with too much mulch. Mulching too close to a plant's base prevents it from drying out between watering. Groundcovers and we do mats also make excellent weed control options. Of course, once you have weeds, the only option is to pull those suckers up.

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Plant issues

bugs, critters, and pests can be a nuisance for South Florida gardeners. It's important to monitor your plants constantly in case you find fungus, other issues, or problems that need to be addressed right away. Neglecting your plants for days or even weeks will cause the problem to spread. Stress, insects, and disease are all problems for plants. Plants can experience stress under cold winter snaps, sitting in wet soil for too long or lack of irrigation. You want to treat any fungicides with a spray or drench but again, ask your garden professional on the type of issue your plant is having and take pictures when you go in so they know exactly what they are looking at. Chewing and sucking insects can be a nightmare such as caterpillars, cutworms, aphids, and more and by the time you see these, they've probably been there a while wreaking havoc on your plants and leaves. Keeping your plants well fed and watered regularly is the best defense against insects but there may be some natural insecticides that you can use, Neem oil or a similar product, and stay on top of it until the problem is completely eradicated.

Now is a great time to start prepping your garden and landscape for flowers, vegetation, and any other plantings you plan to do this spring and summer. There are so many home remedies for planting and gardening that you may not even have to leave your home. Match up pictures with issues you find online and see if you can tackle any plant problems with the DIY touch.


South Florida Curb Appeal Matters When Selling

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March 27, 2020

How to Sell and Buy Property During a Pandemic

How to Sell and Buy Property During a Pandemic

I've seen a lot of real estate agents and read a lot of articles this week about trying to keep up business as usual during this weird and unique coronavirus outbreak. While a lot of businesses may suffer, and I hope they all pulled through when all of this is over, one industry must go on… And that's real estate.

It can be tough but those that started into the real estate process or listed their homes back when this all began may still need to buy or sell and there are ways to do it. I have recently closed on properties where I didn't even meet one person in the transaction in person. While real estate is all about relationships and connecting with someone that you feel comfortable with, especially when you are sharing vital financial and confidential information, sometimes the deal must go on regardless of the surrounding circumstances.

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For instance, selling a home that is vacant might be ideal for sellers and buyers. As the listing agent, I can show virtual tours, images, and surrounding areas simply by taking a video and offering it to potential buyers.

We can complete a lot of business transactions right now without actually having to see anyone in person.

Not the buyer's agent, the title or escrow company, even the lenders. And buyers can do the same. We are very blessed to live in this day and age with so much technology that we can do all of our signatures online, over the phone, and video chats, face time, and all of this while keeping his many people safe as possible.

I heard one real estate agent said that while we are still doing business, it's just not "business as usual" and that is the wonderful thing about all of this. We can still reach out, we can still see each other, we can still send information electronically, and complete as much as possible.

Buyers may still need to find that home and if sellers remove their home from the market right now, waiting for a better time, they may miss out on providing someone with the home they need to get into right now. A lot of us are sheltering in place but that doesn't mean that we can't still conduct business, help folks buy and sell property, and stimulate the economy helping people get to where they need to be as quickly as possible.

Many lenders are expediting information and processes to close transactions earlier getting people where they need to be as quickly as possible.

If you need to buy or sell a home or property give me a call. I would love to explain to you how we can get all of this done safely with as much intent on your health as possible and yet still sell your house, put money in your pocket, or get you and your family into a home as quickly as possible. We are all in this together and I want to help you however I can.

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Jan. 17, 2020

Do Sellers Have Closing Costs?

When buying and selling real estate there are many different costs involved in the transaction. Not only do you have to pay your Realtors or real estate agents a commission for selling the property or facilitating the transaction but there are closing costs on both sides. Real estate buyers will need to pay for mortgage loan fees, courier fees, appraisals, and any points they are paying to lower their interest rate.

But sellers have closing costs two. I've compiled a compilation of answers from real estate professionals on the different types of closing costs incurred by the seller.Do Sellers have closing costs

"Homeowners that choose to sell their property will usually have a commission due to the listing agent. This commission is typically between 2% and 4% of the selling price, not the listing price of the property. Most listing agents will also put in a commission for the buyer's agent, or the agent that brought the buyer. The buyer's agent would usually receive the same amount of commission as the listing agent. So, for instance, most commissions are about 6%, which would be split evenly between the buyer's agent and the listing agent. The full commission is provided by the seller but these commissions can be negotiated and altered. For instance: the buyer's agent could receive 4% while the listing agent only 2% to encourage more activity for buyers agents on the property." [Don Payne]

Sellers will also have escrow settlement charges included in their closing costs. This could be imposed by the escrow or title company. This may also be included in "release charges". "When the seller obtains mortgage financing it usually was in the form of a deed of trust. This is similar to a mortgage but the property is deeded "in trust" to independent trustees who are authorized to sell the property if a default occurs. When the mortgage is paid in full, the trustees are entitled to a nominal "trustees fee" and there is a small government charge to record the trustee's release. These items are always withheld at settlement and deducted from the seller's funds." [Benny Kass]

"Many sellers will have to pay off their mortgage in order to close on a property. Most homeowners don't own their homes outright but will still have a loan do on their property. When they sell the property, the remainder of that loan needs to be paid off. If there are any additional loan such as a lean or a second mortgage, those will need to be paid off as well before the seller can gain the profit from the sale of the home. Your existing lender should be able to give you an approximate payoff figure and a tentative settlement date. You'll need to add daily interest charges until the lender receives the full mortgage payouts. Sellers should also ask if there's a prepayment penalty. Older loans may require the homeowner to pay a percentage of the loan if it's paid off in full prior to the full expiration of the mortgage term. Sometimes this penalty can be avoided or waived if you inquire with the particular lending institution. " [Eve Alexander]

Do Sellers have closing costs"Sometimes sellers are asked to pay the closing costs of the buyer. While this is unusual it's actually required in a VA loan. If the property has been on the market for some time this could be the motivation that buyers need in order to place an offer on the property. It can be quite expensive but if the home is not getting any action, this is a good way for sellers to give in to the buyer in order to get the property sold. However, this can add between $5000 and $10,000 to the closing costs for the seller." [Tina Droessler]

In some cases, sellers might be asked to pay lender points. When buyers apply for financing they can buy down their rate by buying a point. A point is equal to 1% of the home loan. Several FHA and VA loans can put limitations on the amount which a buyer can pay for closing costs but this is where sellers can pick up the additional fees and pay points for the buyer in order to get the property sold. Seller-paid points are tax-deductible for the buyer but there could be negotiation advantages if the seller decides to split points with the buyer. [Todd Blair]

Every real estate transaction is different. I've had real estate transactions where there are government charges including "grantors tax" or a transfer tax. Each state is different as to who actually pays this fee in the transaction and it can be a negotiable item. Because every transaction is different buyers and sellers will have different closing fees and may be requested to pay each other's fees depending on how negotiations go. It's best to understand all of the details before finalizing a transaction.


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Dec. 18, 2019

Now is the Time to Buy in Florida!

January and February are the BEST times of the year to buy! 

If you've been on the fence about buying, let me tell you that January and February are some of the best times and NOW is the time to lock in a great rate! Rates are lower in this December than in 7 years! Find out how you can get a great home in Florida! Check out the most popular communities in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter Florida Below!

Call me at 561-440-1000

Located within the town of Jupiter Abacoa is just 3 miles from the beaches and is made up of different communities centered around a downtown area comprised of,restaurants, shopping, schools and a baseball stadium. Florida Atlantic University and Scripps Research Center is also part of Abacoa.  


Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 days report for this community


Located within the town of Jupiter Abacoa is just 3 miles from the beaches and is made up of different communities centered around a downtown area comprised of,restaurants, shopping, schools and a baseball stadium. Florida Atlantic University and Scripps Research Center is also part of Abacoa.  


Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 days report for this community


Admirals Cove
full service marina , golf courses, tennis courts, and a beautiful waterfront clubhouse with 900 homes tucked around miles of canals with ocean access.  Estates to condos, a boaters/golfers paradise. 


Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for this community


Alton is a brand-new community located in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. 
 Alton will include 136 acres of lakes, parks, nature preserves and open space with over 2000 single and multifamily homes, up to 700 apartment homes, 300 hotel rooms and over 500,000 ft.² of retail space
Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for this community

An array of neighborhoods ranging from golf villas and patio homes to luxurious estates and is home to 3 magnificent professional golf courses.A gated and luxurious appointed golfing community, BallenIsles County Club homes for sale can be found in 32 unique neighborhoods with nearly 1,500 homes.


Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for this community



A nature friendly community comprised of 963 residences ranging from 2 to 3 bedroom condominiums to 5 bedroom single family homes.A family community with a broad mix of young families, professionals, and snow birds. The 20,000 sq/ft clubhouse offers great amenitite including a fitness center, adult room, teen room and library.


Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for
this community
Frenchmans Creek  

South Florida's premiere golf and country club located in beautiful Palm Beach Gardens. concierge services, two championship 18-hole golf courses, an amazing clubhouse, 17 Har-tru tennis courts, state-of-the-art fitness center and spa with cutting-edge security, and a spectacular array of world-class amenities.


Click here  or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for this community


Frenchmans Reserve   
Frenchman's Reserve boasts several different varieties of luxurious home designs and additionally offers an 
18- hole Arnold Palmer Championship golf course with a 3 acre driving range, 7 clay tennis courts, fitness center, dining, guest suites for visitors, and so much more.  


Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for this community
Harbour Isles   

Harbour Isles real estate for sale in North Palm Beach Florida consists of about 100 single-family custom estates resting on the Intracoastal waterway and fingerlings. These luxury North Palm Beach estates offer deep water private docks, resort-like pools, and stunning waterway views 


Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for this community
Jonathans Landing    

A waterfront community with a collection of residences ranging from expansive single-family homes to town homes and condominiums. 3 championship golf courses and Intracoastal access allows this community to beautifully  combine all loved Florida activities. 


Click here  or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for this community
Juno Beach    

Juno Beach has approximately 378 single family homes and 2070 multifamily homes. About 43% of Juno Beach is county park land or environmentally sensitive lands keeping the area less congested and more valuable. Juno Beach offers a 990ft fishing pier as well as beautiful walking trails, a guarded beach, and children s play area. 


Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for this community
Jupiter Country Club    

Jupiter Country Club is a beautiful golf community with homes designed by America's luxury homebuilder, Toll Brothers. These gorgeous grouping of homes is called the Herritage collection and offers a beautiful courtyard estates, gourmet kitchens and picturesque golf course or Lake views with every home.
Located in  Jupiter Florida, these gorgeous homes offer exquisite home designs, six floor plans to choose from, and home prices starting around $700,000. Spacious great rooms, open studies, gourmet and chef inspired kitchens are all a part of the homes at the Jupiter Country Club. These homes range in size from about 1800 to over 5600 ft.² with world-class amenities and quality craftsmanship
Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for this community
Mirabella at Mirasol features 492 homes. There are three neighborhoods offering 12 floor plans ranging in size from 1,860 square feet to 3,525 square feet. Models include 3, 4, and 5 bedroom homes, one and two story many with 3 car garages. There is a 24 hour attended entrance. Additionally, there is an 8,500 square foot clubhouse that features fitness center, heated community swimming pool and 4 tennis courts plus additional amenities like the children's play area. Many of the homes offer large patio and swimming pool areas, plus panoramic lake views.


Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for this community

Exclusive gated community offering finely crafted estates set among nature preserves, lakes, and pristine fairways . Mirasol Country Club has 2,300 acres of land, the Mirasol golf club features 2 golf courses, large fitness complex, resort quality restaurants, spa, card rooms, community pool, golf pro shop, attended security, tennis and tennis pro shop. The total club facilities are 70,000 square feet with the Grand Clubhouse around 50,000 square feet and the sports and fitness center at about 17,000 square feet plus there are 15 clay tennis courts, steam and massage rooms.Additionally there is a 5 mile walking and jogging path. 


Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for
 this community
Old Marsh    

Old Marsh remains Palm Beach County's lowest density golfing community and is centrally located in Palm Beach Gardens offering luxury custom estates. Fitted with a Peter Dye golf course and blended among natural sanctuaries and lakes these opulent Palm Beach Gardens Florida custom homes rest on about an acre of land 
Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for this community


Old Palm  

Old Palm offers all the amenities of a country club as well as caters to the ultimate golfer. Old Palm Golf Club is known for its 33 acre golf practice facility and for its Raymond Floyd designed championship golf course. There is a 43,000 square foot clubhouse which offers concierge service, guest accommodations, spa and salon services, dining, and a fitness center


Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for this community



Large homes, townhomes and villas find themselves surrounded  with a panorama of five championship golf courses, lakes, jogging and cycling trails.  


Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for this community
San Michele  

San Michele, a small private community with 90 large estate homes is known for its beauty and quality construction.  Though golf nor a country club is associated with this community its location puts residents close to the finest golf and country clubs of Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter. 


Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for this community
Singer Island    
 Island offers oceanfront condo living, wide intracoastal and canal front homes, low rise condos on the inlet, and so much more. No matter where you live on the island you are steps away from the beach and the intracoastal. Enjoy activities such as scuba diving, bicycle tours, fishing, sailing, windsurfing, jet skiing, and day cruises. 


Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for this community
Singer Island  
 Island offers oceanfront condo living, wide intracoastal and canal front homes, low rise condos on the inlet, and so much more. No matter where you live on the island you are steps away from the beach and the intracoastal. Enjoy activities such as scuba diving, bicycle tours, fishing, sailing, windsurfing, jet skiing, and day cruises. 


Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 Days report for this community

Located within the town of Jupiter Abacoa is just 3 miles from the beaches and is made up of different communities centered around a downtown area comprised of,restaurants, shopping, schools and a baseball stadium. Florida Atlantic University and Scripps Research Center is also part of Abacoa.  


Click here or above to view the Market Changes in the Last 30 days report for this community
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Dec. 4, 2019

Top 10 Tips for Selling a Home During the Holidays

Whether you need to sell your house in December or it's been on the market for a while, you're probably itching to decorate yet your real estate agent says to keep it to a minimum. How do you sell a home during the holidays? There are advantages, actually, to selling this time of year as stressful as it might be. But, here are some top tips for selling during the holidays. - READ: The Ultimate Sellers Guide

#1. Keep decorations to a minimum.Top 10 tips for selling a home during the holidays

Don't cover up your home's most prominent features such as a mantle or the staircase. Minimal decorations, things from nature, and tasteful decor can set the mood for the holidays without being over-the-top.

#2. Make sure your agent has bought and sold properties during the holidays.

You don't want someone that's just going to disappear or go on vacation this time of the year. Have an agent that is willing to work with you throughout the process even if a buyer submits an offer on Christmas Eve.

#3. Remember that buyers this time of year are motivated.

Anyone house hunting during the holidays definitely has to buy. Try to work with your agent to seek out motivated buyers such as those relocating for jobs, tax deadlines, or military personnel that need to buy quickly.

#4. Price it correctly.

This is not the time to haggle with the price. Pricing a home correctly from the beginning means the right buyers will get in the door and the right offer will be on the table. Rather than make small price reductions, price it to sell from the beginning. A good rule of thumb is to price it 5% under your closest competition.

#5. Don't neglect curb appeal.

A lot of deciduous trees may be losing their leaves this time of year but it doesn't mean that you should neglect curb appeal. Spruce up the yard and put a nice wreath on the front door, rake up any fallen leaves, and keep the yards trimmed and mowed.

#6. Invest in professional photography.

Seriously, the photos can make or break a sale and this is the first thing that buyers are going to see, typically online so make those photos amazing.

#7. Consider a video tour.

Shooting a video to her may attract house hunters who don't have the time to physically see the property or may live out of state.

#8. Make your home feel cozy and warm.

You want buyers to linger in the home and envision themselves living there so make it an emotional treat for them with apple cinnamon scent in the air, warm cookies baking, soft music, and the fire going in the corner, as long as it's not a fire hazard if you leave the property.

#9. Offer incentives.

Consider paying closing costs or other incentives that your agent they have up their sleeve to entice buyers to purchase this time of year.

#10. Try and relax.

This can be a stressful time to sell your home but try to relax, enjoy the season with your family, and try not to make any messes that can't be cleaned up within about 30 minutes.



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Nov. 22, 2019

5 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is the key phrase with just about anything you buy that uses electricity or any type of energy. We like to look at how much money we're saving over the course of several months or a year, especially when buying an appliance. But did you know that you can make your home more energy-efficient without revamping the entire construction? Many home buyers are looking specifically for these types of energy-efficient fixes and this could add value to the overall cost of your home.

Here are five ways to make your home more energy-efficient.

#1. Energy-efficient windows.5 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Windows are one of the biggest sources of heat gain and heat loss in a home. For the Florida area, we're also looking at heat intake. The harder our air-conditioners run the more expensive it's going to be on the electricity or gas bill. By replacing the windows or at least weatherizing them, you can save hundreds of dollars a year depending on how much you're losing. Air leakage around the frame can transfer through windowpanes as well. When you choose a window, consider the frame, not just the glass. The material, design and type of glass all affect energy loss.

#2. Upgrade insulation.

Regardless of whether you're trying to keep heat in or cold air in, insulation plays a huge factor. Most homes only have the minimum required insulation or may even fall short of that minimum. By adding insulation to the attic or the crawlspace, you can save yourself a lot of energy and money over the life of your home.

#3. Use smart programmable thermostats.

Programmable thermostats have been around for years but now with new "smart technology," these thermostats sense whether people are home or not. If you choose to go on vacation for a couple of days, these programmable "smart" thermostats can actually recognize that there is no one in the home and either turn the heat up or turn the air conditioning down depending on what is needed to save energy. Plus, many of these thermostats can be controlled by your smartphone so that you can turn on the air conditioning several hours before you get home.

#4. Pay attention to the home's thermal envelope.

Natural energy will escape through the home's exterior but an air filtration system could make your heating and cooling system work harder to maintain climate control. You might want to schedule an energy audit with an HVAC company to point out and correct any noticeable leaks. They will find leaks around door frames and windows, underneath baseboards and around chimneys and vents. This is a great place to start with energy efficiency.

#5. Buy energy-efficient appliances.

Now, I'm not saying you should run out and spend tens of thousands of dollars on new appliances but each time an appliance gives out consider purchasing a better efficiency unit than the one you had before. Over time, these energy-efficient appliances could save you hundreds of dollars a year.

For more information on updating your home's efficiency please contact my office today. I can offer tips and suggestions on what home buyers are looking for and if you're planning on selling provide valuable keys to staging your home and getting it sold quickly.


Did you know that even new construction should be inspected?  Here's what you should know about home inspections on new construction.

We're always looking to save money. Here are 15 smart and sneaky ways to save on your energy bills this year.

Even if you're not selling, increasing your home's value is important. Here are 5 simple ways to increase your home's value.


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Nov. 12, 2019

Thinking of Selling? What Affects You Right Now

Surprisingly, the interest rates have been going down slightly this year, a contradiction to what some economist predicted. This is great news for both buyers and sellers! However, nothing lasts forever and it will continue to creep, even ever so slowly. Thinking of Selling? What Affects You Right Now

The Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter real estate market is improving greatly and because of this, it will be more expensive to buy a home. This is why I and numerous other real estate professionals feel that your home will most likely sell for the maximum price in 2019 - 2020. 

I know, we all say, that now is the best time to buy, sell - - - whatever! but inventory is very slim especially in the Jupiter area and waiting could result in more homes on the market. There are already new subdivisions like Sonoma Isles and Alton well underway, some of the first of their kind in years, and these will push out many resales over the next couple of years. 

Homebuyers are looking to buy now before interest rates rise too much and the same home will no longer be affordable. With every 1% rate hike, the chances of affording a particular home slip further away for many home buyers and especially first time home buyers. 

This is why buyers will probably be making motivated offers and in some cases multiple offers. Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens are both hot seller's markets right now. Most homes increased in profit this year already and these increases are only set to rise higher in 2020. If you've been on the fence about selling or wonder how much your Jupiter or Palm Beach Garden home is currently worth, don't wait. Because I know the market, pay close attention to the minor fluctuation in market values, supply and demand, I can offer you a more accurate price of what your home may be worth, both now and potentially in 4-6 months should you wait. It pays to trust the experts when it comes to pricing and selling your home for top dollar. So, what are you waiting for?

Start here for free!

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Oct. 30, 2019

What's Trashing Your Home's Value Right Now?

The last thing most homeowners want to do is to devalue their property but they may be doing it without knowing it. Whether it's the location, the eyesore of a roof or something on the outside that is deterring buyers, here are 10 items that may be unknowingly trashing your home's value.What's trashing your home's value right now?

#1 Sinkhole.

While this is not quite the norm in southern Florida, we are seeing more and more of these unique sinkholes around the country. They can damage of property or completely take one out. Any of these damages can knock as much as 30% off of the value of a home. You want to make sure that your home structure is sound and that the property around the home is secure and not losing altitude at all. If need be, you might call in an expert to do a survey of the property and make sure there's no loss of ground around the property.

#2 Landfills.

While this is something we cannot change, the location of a home can severely devalue a property, especially if it's near powerplant, multiple power lines or the city dump. It could lower property up to 7.3%, which is why you'll need to emphasize the positive features of the home if you live close to a landfill.

#3 Bad neighbors.

Again, this is something you may not have any control over but messy yards, orders or properties that are just cluttered with "stuff" can really detract from the appeal on the entire neighborhood. Studies show that it can knock up to 10% off of the sale price of your home. Pretty much the only thing you can do without alienating yourself from your neighbors is to put up a fence.

#4 Foreclosures.

Foreclosures around the home can devalue your property as well. If you lived in a neighborhood that had a lot of short sales and foreclosures, those properties are probably in disrepair and may not have recovered. This can bring down the value of all the properties in the neighborhood about 2%.

#5 Fracking.

No, this is in a sci-fi curse word; fracking is a controversial method of extracting shale gas and your property may be threatened by it. We don't have a lot of this in Florida but people in Pennsylvania lost up to 24% of the property value if they lived within about a mile of a fracking well. This is something to consider if you plan on buying in this area as well.

#6 Crime rate and sex offenders.

Properties located next to registered sex offenders can drop up to 12%. Buyers can look up these registered sex offenders and find where they are located in a particular neighborhood in this could be detracting from your property's value.

#7 Advertising.

You might not think advertising would devalue a property but items such as large billboards, multiple political advertising, and industrial areas can detract from your home's value and deter homebuyers. Communities that have implemented strict Billboard controls have had higher median incomes, lower poverty rates, and lower home vacancy rates.

#8 Poor schools.

The southern Florida area has a lot of great schools but they are those pockets of school that may not have as great of ratings. These may have large class sizes, not as much budgeting or simply in a shadier part of town. This can detract from your home's value unbeknownst to you and out of your control.

#9 Odd renovations.

This might be something that you can control. If your home has an odd layout, bathroom right off the kitchen or unusual walk-throughs, it might be time for remodel to increase your home's value.

#10. Odd coloring.

While you want your home to stand out in the neighborhood as being attractive you don't want to be the odd duck out with strange house colorings, odd front lawn ornaments or excessive paraphernalia out front. You want to be able to fit into the general look of the neighborhood but still stand out just a little by improving the look, rather than going so opposite from your neighbors that is an eyesore.

So what can you do if your home has any of these problems? The idea is to de-emphasize the negative and emphasize the positive and the good features of the home. Perhaps you have a pool in the backyard, a nice fenced, quiet yard with a great outdoor living space, an updated kitchen, anything on the interior that would want a homeowner to spend more time inside instead of focusing on the negative outside. This is really one of the only ways that you can increase the value of your home instead of losing it from external sources out of your control.

For more specific tips on your home and how to emphasize the positive or to discuss concerns you may have on external sources devaluing your home feel free to give me a call at any time



What's Your Home Worth Right Now?


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