Visiting an Open House This Weekend? Things You Need to Know!

Over half of home buyers visit open houses at some point during the buying process that not knowing what to look for can make you miss a lot of valuable information. Here's the things you need to know for visiting Jupiter open houses this weekend.

Understand what the open house is therefore.Jupiter Real Estate open houses

An open house not only opens the listed home to potential buyers but is also a way for the listing agent to gain new clients. The listing agent may have one of their buyers agents at the open house to gain more buyers and clients as well as expose the home to potential buyers for the sellers. Having a real estate agent already in your court when you view open houses takes the pressure. The agent sitting the open house typically backs off and lets you browse the home at your leisure. An agent fishing for clients can tend to hover and put on added pressure to use them at the buyers agent. If you state you are already working with an agent, the agent sitting the open house will back off.

This is a good chance to learn the ins and outs of the home.

Looking at a listing on paper is much different than in person. Now is your chance to check appliances, the water pressure, space in closets and drawers and whether you feel you could live in this environment.

If the listing agent is sitting the property take advantage by asking questions.

This may be your only chance to actually speak with the listing agent. Your buyers agent will mediate any communication between buyer and seller that now is the chance to ask questions such as why the sellers are moving, has the home had any damage or major repairs, and any other questions you may feel are important about the property.

An open house gives you an insight into the neighborhood.

Often times neighbors and locals will browse the open house even though they have no intention of buying it. You might ask questions such as school districts, is the home pricing reasonable, what's the commute like etc.

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Before you trek out to the open houses in the Jupiter real estate market this weekend take note of these important factors and make an informed decision.

Not working with the buyers agent yet? Call me today and I would be happy to offer more information and details on burning in the Jupiter real estate area.