But this is why you need an agent that does.....!

 With the real estate boom going on in many places around the country, new homes and new construction is on the rise. However, many real estate agents don't even like selling new construction but it really comes down to knowledge, experience and information. Most homebuyers don't know a lot about new construction so they need to go with an agent that is very familiar with the home buying process of new construction, home inspections, and the sometimes unique situations the new construction and new homes can bring.

When it comes to buying new construction, buyers have the satisfaction of knowing they will be the only one to have lived in the home so far. This fresh approach to home living is a exciting experience but unless you have a buyers agent that is very familiar with new construction, homebuyers could find themselves frustrated with the builder, aggravated with the inspection and overall disappointed with the purchase.

New construction should not be this way.

This is why you need a qualified, experienced and knowledgeable buyers agent when it comes to purchasing new construction. Many real estate agent simply stay away from new construction for a variety of reasons including:

  • The simply don't know how to find new homes
  • They don't know how to add value to the service and negotiate price with developers
  • They may have a fear of not being paid if they take their buyer to the sales office
  • They don't know what to expect from the on-site agent
  • They don't understand how to qualify their buyers for these new homes
  • There unfamiliar with the on-site agent and how to negotiate their commission and treat the agent professionally.

This is why it is so extremely important to go with a real estate agent that understands new homes, new construction and can deal with the on-site developers, real estate agents and builders.

The Palm Beach Gardens in Jupiter Florida area has numerous new construction communities popping up including Alton and Sonoma Isles. These two brand-new communities are currently building out and if buyers go with the on-site agent they may be pressured into negotiations, terms and pricing that they're not comfortable with.

Going with an unbiased buyers agent that does not work specifically with the developer of the community means that your needs, terms and price are confidential and at the top of our priority list. When you need to buy new construction contact an agent that is familiar with all the details that surround new home purchases.

Contact me today to learn more about these two new home communities or other similar new construction properties throughout Palm Beach County.