More Tourists Better Jobs and Increased Housing for Florida's Tourism

A recent article by the Sun Sentinel says that some 127 million visitors projected in 2020 will increase hospitality jobs by $315,000 in the Palm Beach County area. "The state welcomes 93.7 million out of state and international visitors last year, and a record number of visitors is expected in 2014. That's up from 91.5 million visitors in 2012 and 87.3 million in 2011."

Tourism is on the rise which means more jobs and naturally will increase housing demand and resale values. According to Visit Florida, the expected tourism is projected to increase by 127 million tourists in the year 2020. To accommodate this, Florida will need 315,000 new hospitality jobs just to keep up.More Tourists Better Jobs and Increased Housing

Visit Florida announced a new training program for hospitality employees aimed at increasing the satisfaction of visitors and encouraging them to return. This is also offered in conjunction with the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association designed to increase front-line employees' knowledge of Florida tourism.

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Recommendations from friends and family as well as those that are experienced in the Florida area and tourism make a great impact on Florida's general hospitality. This training program is designed to launch by November 1 in addition to several other programs to keep the destination top of mine with domestic and international visitors and travelers.

In January, 2015, National Geographic will partner with a dedicated Florida hub showcasing more than 50 pages of "wild and natural" Florida experiences by land and sea. Spanish-speaking network Telemundo will also partner with Florida for key Hispanic markets. Multigenerational guide apps in English, Spanish, Portuguese in other languages will be introduced for Florida tourism.

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So what does all this have to do with the housing market? Well, with more jobs comes more homebuyers into the market. This will increase sales, real estate productivity and home prices in general. If you've been on the fence about buying it might be a good idea to step into the real estate market now before prices exceed your budget. If you're considering selling, waiting over the next year might be a better option for a higher profit. Regardless of where your at, it helps to have the knowledge and experience of the seasoned real estate agent in this area. Feel free to call me at anytime to discuss your options, your current situation and which direction might be the best for you.