Changes in Mortgage Rules Could Launch Millions of New Home Loans

After the mortgage crisis in 2007 in 2008 lenders tacked on stricter rules for underwriting and approval. But now, underwriting standards may be changing, especially those who have been locked out of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac programs, government-sponsored programs who guarantee loans for borrowers with poor credit. These programs are relaxing some of their standards, which could potentially open the door for thousands if not millions of Americans looking to buy.home loans easier to get

Many of these guidelines were put in place in October but only started in December and it could speed the loan process along and generate more than 1 million additional home loans annually. While this is not the lax environment lenders and buyers had in 2007 where subprime mortgages ran rampant, it's also not the seemingly impossible task of applying for a loan with a stack of papers so high you couldn't see over the top of them.

This brings some good news for potential homeowners as well as real estate agents across the country even though signed contracts decreased 1.1% in October, 2014. However, we are still 2% higher than one year ago. With extended low interest rates, buyers still have a great incentive to purchase in 2015 and, coupled with the fact that there is simply less competition with cash investors, potential first-time homeowners finally have a great shot at finding the homes they really want. [Source]

Even though the process seems to have sped up, credit conditions still remain fairly strict. This could hamper those individuals desiring to get out of the rising rental market. Underwriters and lenders still require pretty heavy duty credit requirements with high credit scores and a decent two exceptional credit history. This is not to say that distressed borrowers are those that have a lower credit score should not try to apply. Many lenders or mortgage officers can offer precise plans highlighting where a potential borrower can save, cut back or correct in order to receive a better interest rate and a better loan in six, eight or 12 months.

In addition to the relaxed credit process for loans, many major lenders are also expecting more relaxed credit score requirements as well as a reduction in the paperwork required to complete a loan, however this is not quite the case just yet.


If you think you would like to get the ball rolling and see how much home you could potentially afford or find out more about credit requirements for a home loan in the Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens area.