On October 18th the newly renovated Sunset golf course at Mirasol opened for members to enjoy. The main focus of the renovation project was to improve the infrastructure of the course that originally opened in 2001.

The Sunset golf course was designed by Arthur Hill’s firm 17 years ago and the team was led by architect Drew Rogers. Rogers took on the renovation project which initially consisted of bunker and tee reconstruction and fairway turf conversion from Tifsport to Celebration Bermuda grass. The final renovation also included teeing area refinements, reduction and repositioning of bunkers, light to moderate earthworks, drainage, and pathway replacements for the best in playability.Mirasol's Newly Renovated Sunset Course is Open

Some holes on the course underwent major renovations and will seem like almost completely new places while other holes’ improvements were a little more subtle and might go unnoticed altogether. All holes on the course have been retouched and improved in some way. All improvements were made with a focus on providing a top quality course for the best game experience without dramatically changing the original design aesthetic and intent.

The overall landscaping has been improved as well. Many of the exotic and invasive species of plants were removed and replaced with simpler and more native plants making the course cleaner, calmer, and more attractive to the eye which also enhances the player’s experience.

Steep lake slopes were shored up with stack capstone walls and the conversion from turf to landscape resulting in an overall smaller footprint of maintained turf. The original intent of providing a world-class tournament level course is still there with the latest in playing options that were not available when the course was first built. The original elegance and character of the Sunset course are still intact and the course is now up to date and ready to play and enjoy for many more years to come.

The renovation of the Sunset course has come just a few years after improvements to the Sunrise course and a large renovation and updating project to the clubhouse. In 2016 Mirasol’s clubhouse, fitness, spa, tennis, and aquatics facilities received $40 million in updates and improvements. Mirasol is still one of the best country clubs in the nation and it is not hard to see why so many people love living here.

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