The Mirasol foundation was established in 2016 as a nonprofit civic organization in Palm Beach County. This volunteer charitable organization is supported by the residents of the Mirasol Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. It's mission is to provide financial support for qualifying 501(c)(3) agencies that provide critical programming for the underserved residing within Palm Beach County and surrounding counties. At the end of their first fundraising season over $120,000 of financial grants were awarded to this and other nonprofit agencies.The Mirasol Foundation - Community Services

Mirasol Country Club has been involved within the community since 2014. The foundation's Board of Directors is thankful for tremendous financial support from residents and surrounding communities as well as hands-on community involvement. This past April 2019, the Mirasol foundation awarded $200,000 to 24 worthy nonprofit and civic organizations around the communities. Their goal is to raise, administer, and distribute funds to civic, cultural, educational, social, and health-related nonprofit organizations throughout Palm Beach County. Residents and members can donate online here and find out more information on grants and the application process.

To be considered for an annual grant, your organization must be a tax-exempt, nondenominational organization, with a demonstrated financial stability and strong leadership. The foundation does not fund individuals, organizations outside of Palm Beach County, national organizations that do not have an active local chapter, religious or sectarian organizations, general animal and environmental programs except for educational outreach, grants to lobby legislation or multi-your grants. All proposals for funding are reviewed by the committee and those selected will be invited to complete the full grant application.

The Mirasol Country Club is always finding new and innovative ways to reach out to the community and become an integral part of our County. If you're looking to be a part of Mirasol please start your online search here for all real estate in Mirasol Country Club or simply contact my office at any time for more details.

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