Intercity Passenger Rail Program Connecting Miami to Orlando

Florida East Coast Industries, LLC, one of Florida's oldest and largest full-service commercial real estate, transportation and infrastructure companies is announcing their project to develop and connect Miami to Orlando through intermediate stations in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. This will provide a unique transportation alternative connecting visitors, tourists and locals alike.Intercity Passenger Rail Program Connecting Miami to Orlando

The new project is called All Aboard Florida and is one of the first of its kind in southeast Florida. Providing a high quality experience for passengers, this privately owned railway will be operated and maintained by the Florida East Coast Industries, LLC as one of the only privately owned rail systems in the US.

This intercity passenger rail service is designed to serve tourists, business travelers and locals connecting them through some of the various stops from Miami to Orlando. The three hour venture offers planned stops in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach and it will be an alternative to the congested highways and toll free ways.

Because more and more people are moving to this area and tourism is up, Florida has become the third largest state in the nation due to population growth and because of this, there are nearly 95,000,000 visitors to our state; 50 million of those currently make the trip from Miami to Orlando. This could remove nearly 3,000,000 vehicles from these roads with a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption.

The local impact will be urban centers surrounding the threes South Florida downtown stations. This could bring in increased tourism and relief from Florida's congested roadways. This could offer a time-savings of up to 30% versus existing travel options.

The four stations will be at Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and the Orlando International Airport. It's ideal for those that fly into Orlando and want to visit the other cities. They will have access to local retail, dining, attractions and hotel accommodations. Service will be scheduled starting early in the morning and ending in the late evening.


For our West Palm Beach station, we will connect with the neighborhood's existing vehicle or, trolley and pedestrian networks to establish links to the Tri-Rail and Amtrak West Palm Beach station. This will create a new hub for our area consisting of a 60,000 ft.² future station and platform in downtown located between Datura and Evernia St.  This is a huge it tourists to boost not only for those vacationing in our area but for locals as well. For more information, stay tuned to this blog or visit