How to Sell and Buy Property During a Pandemic

I've seen a lot of real estate agents and read a lot of articles this week about trying to keep up business as usual during this weird and unique coronavirus outbreak. While a lot of businesses may suffer, and I hope they all pulled through when all of this is over, one industry must go on… And that's real estate.

It can be tough but those that started into the real estate process or listed their homes back when this all began may still need to buy or sell and there are ways to do it. I have recently closed on properties where I didn't even meet one person in the transaction in person. While real estate is all about relationships and connecting with someone that you feel comfortable with, especially when you are sharing vital financial and confidential information, sometimes the deal must go on regardless of the surrounding circumstances.

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For instance, selling a home that is vacant might be ideal for sellers and buyers. As the listing agent, I can show virtual tours, images, and surrounding areas simply by taking a video and offering it to potential buyers.

We can complete a lot of business transactions right now without actually having to see anyone in person.

Not the buyer's agent, the title or escrow company, even the lenders. And buyers can do the same. We are very blessed to live in this day and age with so much technology that we can do all of our signatures online, over the phone, and video chats, face time, and all of this while keeping his many people safe as possible.

I heard one real estate agent said that while we are still doing business, it's just not "business as usual" and that is the wonderful thing about all of this. We can still reach out, we can still see each other, we can still send information electronically, and complete as much as possible.

Buyers may still need to find that home and if sellers remove their home from the market right now, waiting for a better time, they may miss out on providing someone with the home they need to get into right now. A lot of us are sheltering in place but that doesn't mean that we can't still conduct business, help folks buy and sell property, and stimulate the economy helping people get to where they need to be as quickly as possible.

Many lenders are expediting information and processes to close transactions earlier getting people where they need to be as quickly as possible.

If you need to buy or sell a home or property give me a call. I would love to explain to you how we can get all of this done safely with as much intent on your health as possible and yet still sell your house, put money in your pocket, or get you and your family into a home as quickly as possible. We are all in this together and I want to help you however I can.

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