How to Move or Pack Delicate or Tricky Items

That funky Tiffany lampshade, a unique mirror, the handblown glass the sculpture you got for your anniversary, all of these unique things are tricky to pack and carefully store and the last thing you want is to risk breaking it during your relocation. Here are some moving and packing hacks for those tricky or delicate items when it comes to relocating.

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Power tools.

First, remove any detachable parts from the tools and use rags or bubblewrap to protect sharp edges. Pack tools securely in a tool caddy or strong box and add extra packing like a newspaper or plastic bags around the tools to stop them from sliding and bumping into each other.

Your television.

Most televisions are pretty large these days and need careful handling. If you can, packet back in the original box and packing but if you don't, like most of us, wrap your monitor and pedestal carefully in a sheet or thick blanket and secure with duct tape or packing tape.


Lampshades are best transported in a box and if possible, nest several shades together so that it can protect each other. Wrap with paper towels or plain paper but never newspaper as the print could come off on the shades.


Place the tank on top of the strong box that's larger than the tank and line the base with bubblewrap. Aquariums are pretty heavy even without water so place layers of cardboard on top of the tank and add more packing to the box until it's full. Make sure you put fragile on the box.


Remove all oil and gas from the mower before packing to avoid leaks and spills. Clean the mower, and wipe off all the grass to avoid the spread of quarantined plants and grasses.

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Odd shaped items.

Wrap these items in bubble wrap or paper and secure it well with tape. Pack one or two items that are fragile in with other items for cushioning such as blankets, towels, and clothing. Pack fragile glass items in the center of a box filled with soft items.

If you're concerned about movers damaging your precious items during packing and relocation, simply pack them yourself to ensure that you have a good cushion.

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