If you are interested in not only a golf home but a waterfront or oceanfront home in Palm Beach County, you’re in luck. There are those few amazing properties that offer golf and water frontage. 

Juno Beach is one of the top towns for this type of home. Nestled right along the Atlantic Ocean, The Seminole Golf Club is located between Hwy 1 and the ocean. This makes for the best of both worlds. Just south of the Seminole is the Lost Tree Club in North Palm Beach. This also offers golf homes with water views or frontage. 

The Seminole Golf Club has residential neighborhoods to the north and the south of the course but not on the ocean side. Residents will have views of the course and the water but there are no homes actually in the course itself.

Not so with the Lost Tree Club. These homes are nestled in amongst the greens with rolling hills and several homes offer views of the ocean as well as Lake Little Worth and the inlet. These properties start about $2 million all the way to $23 million for extravagant oceanfront villas and estates.  Many waterfront properties on the inlet side have boat docks and large craft dockage available. This that sit on the golf side have stunning views of the greens and may offer views of the water on either side.

Palm Beach is also well known for beautiful golf and water front homes. Surrounded by the Palm Beach Country Club are several oceanfront and Intracoastal Waterway homes. Because Palm Beach is narrow, the golf course stretches from water to water so most homes border on the north and south side of this course. A little farther south is the Breakers Ocean Golf Course with homes and condos fully surrounding it starting at $2 million. Farther south still is the Everglades Golf Course with homes on Everglades Island offering views of both the Intracoastal Waterway and the course. Then there are homes on the ocean side along S. Ocean Blvd. These homes start about $1 million to over $20 million based on size, view, amenities and condition. 

The Palm Beach Par-3 Golf Course is a smaller course with condos and high-rise luxury residences to the north and south of the course. Because of this, these condos boast exceptional views of the ocean, the waterway and the golf course. 


These are just a few of the most popular and coveted golf and waterfront homes in Palm Beach County. For details on current listings for sale, browse my website. I would love to personal show you any of the properties for sale and offer a customized list of homes that might fit your needs and budget more appropriately. Thanks! And I look forward to speaking with you soon. Image from actual MLS Listing