Do you have an oceanfront home as your primary residence or vacation home? Either way there is some important maintenance you will need to do if you own oceanfront property. Maintaining your home is imperative because it is your largest asset. Property next to the coast in Florida is affected by the sea air in different ways depending on the season.

Oceanfront Home Maintenance

Metal and RustFlorida Oceanfront Home Maintenance 2023

Sea air can cause rust. This means you will want to use stainless steel or coated metals for protection. You want to make sure any metals you have a washed regularly so any residue is removed. If you ever find any rust, it needs to be cleaned and coated with protection to prevent any further damage.


If your home is on the coast, then you want to have a lot of windows and doors to maximize your views. These windows and doors can easily get dirty and foggy with the sea air, so they need to be cleaned regularly.

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Wood is a very sensitive natural element and it can be susceptible to water or salt erosion. You want to have all of your wooden doors, windows, or finishes checked and treated regularly to prevent from having rotting wood.


Coastal areas not only deal with salty air but also rainy storms. These homes deal with higher moisture levels and need to be checked on for potential water damage. You want to catch a problem early on, so make it a point to regularly check the external and internal of your home.


In addition to the waterproofing, you want to look for signs of mildew. Coastal homes have more humidity that can cause potential mildew to build up inside the home and furnishings. Keep everything dry and clean as well as air out the home when possible.


Due to the sea and salty air, you will need to use the proper paint for your home. Regularly check for any cracks or damage to the external paint so you can prevent further damage.

Sun Damage

Coastal homes will be affected by sun damage. Just as with all of the other factors, you need to check for this damage regularly. Any fabrics that receive direct sunlight or heat will endure damage over time.

In Conclusion

Owning an oceanfront home will require more maintenance. Whether it is your primary residence or a vacation rental, you may want to consider a maintenance company so that your know these things are being checked on. Keeping up on your maintenance will save you time and money long term.

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