By Todd Blair

It's a bird, it's a plane? Nope, it's just a cool quadcopter taking awesome shots of new listings.

Too many people are misinterpreting these as drones even though the media has used this term and so has Amazon to talk about there delivery system or image capturing devices but they really are not "drones", They are quadcopters. A Drone is considered an unmanned aerial vehicle and that's what these are per se but most refer to a Remotely Piloted Aircraft by the International Civil Aviation Organization and are much larger than these typical quadcopters we are seeing flying through our neighborhoods. The military uses these for special operation applications but we are using the simpler versions for taking breath-taking images of the Florida landscape. 


Images sell Florida and our amazing images certainly tell a dramatic story. They can get shots from over the water that we just can't get to. They show the surrounding neighborhoods, land, water or homes so you know what you are buying and what's around it. 

These images won't work in dessert places where next door is a dump, an industrial facility or where the surrounding topography is less than desirable, but here in Florida, that's what sells! 

Sellers are tracking down agents that specifically use these in order to take the best shots possible for a fast and profitable sale. Buyers are flocking to these amazing images and videos in order to really get a true sense of an area before even leaving the house. 


So should be worried about these "drones, copters, UAVs"? Nah, unless your doing a little topless sun bathing in a neighborhood with a home soon to be listed... you might want to be aware of how we agents are marketing near by homes these days.

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