There are lots of new home developments and subdivisions going up throughout the Palm Beach County area. While a lot of these have general layouts and set designs, homebuyers can really customize the building experience to create the home that is unique to them, lifestyle and practicality. Designing and building a custom home you certainly don't want to make any mistakes however, mistakes are given but if you can learn ahead of time with some of the more common mistakes are, you have a better chance of avoiding them. Here are some pretty common mistakes that homebuyers can make when building a custom home. Don't Make These Mistakes When Building a Custom HomeDon't Make These Mistakes When Building a Custom Home in Palm Beach County

#1. Not being in control of your design.

Like I mentioned earlier, some things are set in the design, especially if you are building in a subdivision that has a few general layouts, however, many people have high expectations that the developer or builder will do everything for them. The developer should go off of your ideas, not the other way around. Make sure you are in control of the things that you can have control of things are done to your expectations. Ask your builder the right questions to make sure you know what you're getting.

#2. Not maximizing your mortgage.

Use your mortgage to add more things to your home rather than credit cards. Mortgage interest can be anywhere from 3% to 4% nowadays which is a lot better than a 15% or even a 22% interest rate on a credit card. Maximize that mortgage for customizations when building a home. If you have more questions talk to your real estate provider or your lender for details on how to maximize your mortgage.

#3. Not planning for delays.

Delays happen would building a custom home. This could mean that cabinets didn't get shipped in time; a certain paint color became unavailable and you have to pick a different one; certain tile is not available for shipment that ruined the needs to be reordered. All of these delays are pretty common when building a custom home so if you are starting another home or moving from a rental property you want to make sure that you have pushed out your move-in date further than expected. There are going to be delays and things usually take longer than expected so if you plan for this you will be less frustrated in general.

#4. Not planning for over budget.

Always leave a cushion in your mortgage or in your budget for a little extra. Things will always come in a little bit over budget and if for some reason they surprisingly come in less than budget, you have extra money to spend elsewhere. Plan for a little bit of over budget and then you won't be as frustrated or as tight on funds when you move in.

If you're looking for a great home in the Palm Beach area or would like to customize a new home contact my office today. I'd be happy to give you a list of brand-new homes surrounding the Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Singer Island and Juno Beach real estate area that are brand-new and ready to be customized.