Dangers of Adding Sand to Your Backyard

It’s no secret that homeowners often take immense pride in their homes. The past few years as people have adjusted to being home more often than not, home improvements and renovations seem to be the new norm and one area that many people are hoping to improve is their outdoor living spaces. Having your own little backyard oasis to enjoy a slow morning with coffee and a book, or the ideal spot to host game nights or outdoor movies with friends and family seems like a near perfect home improvement project.


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Especially for those who lie near the coast, the feeling of digging your toes in the sand is second to none and you may find yourself tempted to add a sand feature to your backyard, bringing a small hint of the coast to your backyard. While the feeling of the sand beneath your feet might seem picturesque, there are a few things to consider prior to shoveling sand into your yard, even if it’s just for a small sand box where the kids can perfect their sandcastle. 


Pests and Rodents

Unfortunately, one of the main risks associated with a sand box, whether for kids, or as an addition to your backyard, is that it is often seen as a litter box to rodents and even outdoor cats that wander the neighborhood. This can cause your sand to smell, and require a lot of regular cleaning and maintenance, often making is far less enjoyable than you may have initially hoped. 


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Even if you are able to keep the sand itself clean and free of any unwanted messes from the neighborhood felines, sand can be messy. Whether by tracking in into your home, or it spilling into other areas of your yard, due to how small granules of sand are, they can be difficult to clean and contain to one space. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you are up for sweeping and vacuuming more regularly and putting the sand in a space where some “spillage” would be acceptable without ruining the look of your backyard landscaping. 


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