A Buzzworthy Project for Mirasol - Honey for Residents!Did you know that the Mirasol Country Club produces its own honey? Mirasol, and affluent country club in Palm Beach Gardens Florida has been given approval to place beehives throughout the 2300 acre community to use the honey for culinary operations, spot treatments, and salon products. This truly is a 'BUZZ-worthy" project.

Mirasol has always been about sustainable management and the club recently launched a "Bee Inspired" initiative in 2019. Last year, the Marsal Gulf Course Maintenance Director Michael Thomas enlisted the help of beekeeper Sierra Malnove to install 20 beehives in remote parts of the community. Since her installation, there have been more than 430 pounds of honey harvested to be used in the club's restaurants from marinades and appetizers, desserts and cocktails, to spot treatments and salon products.

The logo will be indicated with a "Bee Inspired" logo on menus and on products. There will be lip bombs, beeswax products, and salon product lines with additional uses for future harvests still underway. This truly adds value for members and for obvious environmental benefits.

The honey and related products are available to the Mirasol community only right now but many members have indicated they look forward to giving the products as gifts to friends and family.A Buzzworthy Project for Mirasol - Honey for Residents!

Currently, Florida is ranked #3 in the US for honey production with more than 14 million pounds produced in 2018 alone.

Were excited to see where this takes not only the community but the city of Palm Beach Gardens and the environment as a whole. For those concerned about the beehive placement, talk to your HOA management if there are issues such as allergies but for the most part, these beehives are kept in remote places and only accessible by Sierra and her team.

For now, you can enjoy some of the honey inspired dishes at the Grille restaurant such as honey glazed salmon or Panna cotta with the honey syrup. Or stop by the spot to enjoy some "Bee Inspired" skin treatments, lotions, and beeswax products.

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