Buying New Construction in Palm Beach Gardens Without a Buyer’s Agent

If you're thinking about buying new construction or pre-construction throughout the Palm Beach Gardens real estate area you might be considering the benefits of enlisting the help of a buyer’s agent. Of course, you certainly don't need one; you can visit the model showroom and the development without a buyer’s agent and have the assistance and help of the listing agent or the buyer’s agent on duty. They can help you with colors, styles and facilitate the transaction all the way through to closing. Buyer's agents can be the mediator between the sellers or the developers and your negotiating strategies, answering questions along the way in helping you close on time.

But remember, who is this agent really working for?

The buyer's agents and the listing agents that work the model showrooms and homes are working specifically for the developers. They have contracted with the builders and the developers in order to sell these properties. They specifically are obligated to help sell these homes versus other homes. So do you think those buyer’s agents really have your best interest at heart?

When you work with your own dedicated buyer’s agent we have no hidden agenda or ulterior motive on selling one home or property over another. You can walk confidently into the model showroom or home and explain to them that you already have a buyer’s agent. The pressure is now off and you can browse through the colors, accessories and custom details and yet have a buyer’s agent that keeps your negotiating and financing strategies confidential.

It costs you absolutely nothing to use the help of a buyer’s agent, whether on-site or your own. Buyer’s agents that work specifically for a buyer and not through any developer or subdivision have no agenda on which property you buy as long as it's the one you're looking for at a price that meets your budget.

I've worked with many buyers and have saved them thousands of dollars by negotiating for their terms and their price. Remember, the listing agents that sits the model homes are trying to get as much profit for these properties as possible for their developer or builder. Using your own buyer’s agent means your budget is the most important financing tool, not the developers.

So yes, you can certainly buy new construction without the help of your own dedicated buyer’s agent but is it financially wise to do so? Feel free to give me a call at any time to discuss new construction homes and developments throughout Palm Beach Gardens  and how you can save money using your own buyer’s agent.

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