PGA Boulevard, located just south of the Mirasol Country Club, is chock-full of restaurants, markets, entertainment, and more. You don't have to go far for a great restaurant in Mirasol but here are some of my favorites.

Best Restaurant Closest to Mirasol

The Coolinary Cafe - Nope, I didn't spell that wrong, this is really what it's called and they are phenomenal. We had down there at least once or twice a month, grab a cocktail and some delicious appetizers. If you are old-school, you have to try their deviled eggs, they are phenomenal! Fried chicken and waffles, delicious burgers, and really good desserts. This is your neighborhood restaurant and a perfect go-to any night of the week.

Salutes Market – just outside of the entrance to Mirasol is a fabulous restaurant open for lunch and dinner. This wine bar features small plates of items such as pulled barbecue chicken egg rolls with a fabulous aioli dip, pork belly and waffles with warm peach slaw,

Kabuki - for those that love sushi, you have to check out Kabuki. They have the typical rolls and nigiri, but they also have unique items such as octopus and conch salad, noodle dishes, tie spring rolls and fried rice dishes.

Christopher's Kitchen – located at 4783 PGA Boulevard, this vegetarian and vegan restaurant is a great place to get some delicious vegetarian fare. From mushroom tacos to spinach artichoke dip, flatbread pizzas, their own mac & cheese and C K burritos, Christopher's Kitchen is a great place to go for some delicious food that makes you feel healthy inside and out.

Talay Thai - this local Thai food restaurant has amazing dishes like their venous clams in a spicy broth, grilled salmon on a bed of brown rice, deep-fried red snapper, lobster pad Thai and other familiar dishes. If you're looking for a taste of Thai food, you have to try this place just a few minutes outside of Mirasol.

The Lunchbox – for a quick bite to eat, sandwich or rap, the Lunchbox makes a great place. Try their homemade tuna salad or a veggie wrap with fresh ingredients, crisp vegetables, and flavorful sauces.

So, these are our favorites and they're just outside of Mirasol's entrance, so make sure you check out one of these or, is there a place you like to go just outside of Marsal? Leave a comment with your favorite Mirasol area restaurant.

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