Just south of Jupiter Florida is the town of Palm Beach Gardens where there are even more parks to explore with your pups. All are great but here are some of the ones that fans seem to love.

Lilac Park Dog Park:

This park is a playground for your pet. There are two sides of the park that are fenced for safety, one is for large dogs and the other is for small dogs. In addition to the two yards, there is also an agility course for dogs to play on. The course includes a ramp and some tunnels and a square hoop to jump through. The ground of the course is grassy with patches of dirt so watch out for muddy paws if it starts to rain. But if the park gets too hot there are covered areas and dog bowls that will fill up to quench your pet’s thirst.

Wellington Dog Park:Best Dog Parks in Palm Beach Gardens

This park has three different off-leash areas, small, medium and large with plenty of room for your pets to run and play. Wellington Dog Park is made more unique by the large dirt pile for dogs to play on and a series of concrete tunnels for your pet to explore. This is another park where your dog is sure to get dirty but don’t worry, the dog park comes with a place to hose off after a day of playing. And there are plenty of water bowls for thirsty dogs to rehydrate at and if they get tired there are picnic tables and covered areas to relax at.

Lake Ida Dog Park:

Located on the shore of Lake Ida, this dog park is great for the whole family. There are two dogs runs both with plenty of space to run and play. If you want to give your dog some on-leash time there is a walking trail that goes around the park. There is a place to wash off your dog and plenty of places to grab a quick drink. This is a nice park with plenty of shade and places for owners to sit while their dogs play. Though the park is on the water it is not recommended that you allow your dog to swim due to possible alligators and water vehicle use.


No matter which park you go to it is important that you supervise your dog. One aggressive dog can ruin a day at the park and risks the lives of other animals and owners. If you notice a dog behaving aggressively remove your dog from the situation and if an attack happens to report it. The parks benefit from responsible owners, too many aggressive dogs or not picking up after your pet can result in people not wanting to use the park anymore. 

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