I know we're not done with 2017 and I'm sure there will be more amazing tips and tricks but so far, these are my favorite posts for home sellers. If only everyone knew these things! But alas, that's what I'm here for! Take a gander at some of the best advice for sellers in 2017 so far. 

3 Things Sellers Wish They Knew Before Selling a House

We all know more after going through something than before. Don't you want to learn from other people so you don't have to make all the mistakes yourself?



buy or sell first?

Should We Buy First or Sell First?



The ongoing dilemma. If you sell first will  you be able to find a house and if you buy first and your house doesn't sell right away will you be stuck with two mortgages?




When Should I Reduce the Price of My Home?

Some advice off-site but very good info here. When SHOULD you reduce the price? At all? Never? Every week? Or only when it doesn't sell for a few months?



stubborn sellerHow to Negotiate With Stubborn Sellers

I know this is more for buyers but hey, don't be a stubborn seller. 


sellers disclosureHow Much Do I Really Have to Say in the Disclosure?

Yes, you really have to disclose that you put up that shed without a permit. I know you don't like it but you don't want things to come back and bite you later.





buying simultaneously Easy Tips for Buying and Selling a House Simultaneously

And then there's the buy and sell at the same time. Total chaos, right? well, it doesn't have to be.