Abacoa’s Food Truck Invasion is Here!

When exploring Palm Beach, you’ll find a handful of hidden gems and the Abacoa residential district is no exception. In addition to the Abacoa Golf Club, the area is home to the growing food truck trend sweeping the globe and the second Friday of every month you can enjoy ethnic cuisine from around the globe. 


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In years past to get good food you’d have to find a little hole in the wall restaurant, spend hundreds of dollars at a 5-star restaurant, or sift through dozens of reviews before finding a spot to grab a bite to eat. Luckily, there is an easier way to get great food and when it comes to Palm Beach locals, you can enjoy a large range of different cuisine in the same location ensuring that no matter what you’re craving, your taste buds will be pleased. 


Starting at 5:30pm Friday, March 11th, you can enjoy the Food Truck Invasion in downtown Abacoa, 1200 Town Center Dr. Simply bring a place to sit, whether your favorite camping chair, a blanket for a picnic, and your friends and family to enjoy one of the many different food trucks available. You can follow along to see where the Food Truck Invasion will be in your area here. The event ends at 10pm and in addition to enjoying the cuisine you can also enjoy live music from a DJ at the amphitheater. 


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As Palm Beach locals we love to enjoy and share all of the many local events happening in the area, whether small concerts, food truck festivals, family fun hikes and more, when calling Palm Beach home, you’re sure to fill your free time with great events all year long. 


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