things to do at the beach in Jupiter

If you are looking to spend quality time with your family, what is better than going to your favorite beach? Beautiful sunsets and waves of the sea give you picturesque visuals, and nothing can match that. When visiting with family, you need to do many other things, rather than only taking an exploration walk or tanning on the fluffy, white sandy beaches of Jupiter, FL.

This type of visit can become far more fun and enjoyable by doing special beach activities. If you are planning to go to a beach with your family, continue to read to find the 8 activities you can do to make this trip more memorable.

8 Things to Do with Your Family at the Beach in Jupiter, FL

Try Your Hand at Surfing

When visiting a beach, but not spending any time in the water what is the purpose of going there? Try out a new experience and join a surf lesson. Surfing can be a great experience if you have never done it before, as experiencing the power of water and its waves is a lifetime experience. Surf tours are always dependent on the weather and sea conditions, but when it all aligns just right, Waves Surf Academy is considered to be one of the best surf camps in town. You don't own a surfboard? Check out one of the many Jupiter, FL surf rental shops for all of your gear! The Salty Dog Paddle is a well-known rental store in Jupiter, FL carrying all of the equipment you need to get out on the water and enjoy a few of those waves.

Build a Sand Castle

Test your creativity and build a sand castle! When you bring your family to the beach, look to build a sand castle! It can not only be a fun family activity for kids of all ages, but it can easily gain children's attention. Florida is home to a league of professional sand sculptures, who get out on the sand and build anything from large-scale castles to pirates and treasure chests. Team Sandtastic is a group of devoted sand sculptures based out of Florida who sculpt for events, such as proposals or sculpt indoors for charities.


Playing around with a kite is a lot of fun for the whole family, as you will learn how to use the wind to draw figures in the sky! A beach is a great place for kiting as it won't get stuck in trees, as it would at parks. You can find kites of all levels of experience or even try to make your own. Jupiter is home to perfect conditions for another type of kite flying, except out on the water. Kiteboarding is a wind-powered water sport that uses a kite and board to propel you across the water, and there is no better place to get all your gear for this adventure than Jupiter Kiteboarding

Camp on the Beach

For a unique experience, go camping on the beach and witness the sunset. Everything about camping on the beach will be a terrific opportunity for connecting with the family, from putting up the tents to sharing stories over the fire. Be aware that camping is not permitted on all beaches, so it is important to check out the local rules, and don't forget to clean up after yourself and pick up trash left behind. The Pine Grove Campground in Jupiter, FL is not exactly on the beach, but it is close enough to see from your tent.

Add Seashells and Rocks to Your Collection

It can be one of the finest collections you can add to your home decor, and having natural seashells and rare stones straight from the beach always seems attractive. When you can have them for free, what's better than that? Respect nature, and don't collect too many shells or harm the dunes. Blowing Rocks Nature Preserve near Jupiter, FL is one of the only beaches with an abundant amount of shells to pick up and collect.

Have a Boat Ride

Boat tours are a great way to get your young ones out on the water in a safe way, allowing them to get familiar with the water and its beauty. The best way to do it is by getting all your family on the boat and taking them to the sea. You might also witness sea creatures, which can be fascinating. From dolphins to sharks, enjoy a great viewing and have different sights of everything. The Flying Lady Boat Tours in Jupiter, FL offer completely narrated tours that will take visitors through the rich history of each area while highlighting historic landmarks as well as celebrity homes, and local wildlife for the full experience of a lifetime.

Play Games

The beach is the perfect spot to play games, from football to classic beach volleyball. Beach tennis is also fun. Less obvious games like tic-tac-toe, hopscotch, or hangman on the sand can be a nice means of competitive gaming. All they require is some imagination and a drawing tool, like a stick. Sticks and seashells are beach treasures that might improve the games even further.

Prepare a Picnic

When you decide to spend extended time on the beach, it is obvious to get hungry. Therefore, why not make a full-fledged picnic day? With a great atmosphere and beautiful surroundings, it can be the best treat for the family, as well as your Instagram page. There are plenty of infamous food trucks around Jupiter, FL. The Scoop Coop serves up delicious soft-serve ice cream with an impressive list of flavors and gluten-free and dairy-free options as well, meaning there is something for everyone.


A beach can be a fantastic spot to explore with your family if you want to take time to appreciate the natural beauty of Jupiter, FL. Whenever you look to visit a beach, keep the points mentioned above in mind to have more fun. Let Palm Beach Coastal Realty help you find your forever beachfront property in Jupiter, FL today!