Tips, suggestions and advice on staging your bathroom for today's homebuyers.5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Appealing to Buyers

Oh the Bathroom…. That tricky space in your home that is not always the prettiest and usually is one of the more challenging rooms to stage when prepping and listing your home for sale. Some bathrooms need a complete makeover while others may just need a few touches here or there.

Here are five ways to make your bathrooms more appealing to home buyers if you're preparing and listing your home for sale.

1. Clean

You might be surprised as to the number of homeowners out there that simply give their bathroom a once over and done. Now is the time to really clean and while you are cleaning to check for mildew, mold, wet or soggy floors and loose or broken caulking. Clean out the drains, underneath the counters, behind the toilet, and make sure the place sparkles. If you have to, hire a professional cleaner to come in at least once a week to keep the place perfectly shiny during the listing

2. Check the Odors

Bathrooms are notorious for collecting bad odors and we're not just talking about the ones that humans create. Bathrooms can collect mildew, mold and bad odors from drains and sinks that have not been properly cleaned out. Plus, if the bathroom is not ventilated properly you may be having issues not only now but in the future. Clean out any vents and make sure they're working properly; clean out the drains and check for any mold, soft flooring or mildew around the base of the toilet. Odors can cling to the caulking and the flooring depending on the type of material and unfortunately, you may have to replace the flooring if there are too many soft spots which could be caused by rot.

3. Update and Upgrade

If your bathroom still screams 1970s it might be time for an update. Do you still have baby blue or pink bathroom fixtures? What about an older faucet or sink? Is there, heaven for bid, carpet in the bathroom? All of these things are reminiscent of the time gone by and buyers are looking for modern and up-to-date decor, appliances and fixtures. Consider updating the flooring, countertops, cabinets and fixtures if need be. If you're unsure of what buyers would find attractive to ask your real estate agent what needs to be updated in your bathroom.

5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Appealing to Buyers4. Linens, Paints and Textiles

Once you've cleaned up and updated the bathroom you can start building on the decorations. If your bathtub has a shower curtain make sure that it matches with the other linens in the room. Sometimes simple bright, white linens, towels and washcloths can add a calming and spa-like effect in the room. You don't want any harsh colors or darker tones especially in smaller bathrooms. This will make the room look smaller. If you do have a small bathroom consider painting the walls a light color so that it makes the room seem larger.

5. Final Touches

After everything is set up you want to make this space a restful, relaxing and peaceful place. Add final touches by putting a basket of toiletries on the counter next to the sink. This could be simple soaps, lotions and rolled up white towels. Add fresh flowers or greenery to the space to create a peaceful oasis. Make sure that all towels and linens are neatly rolled or folded. And for a final touch you might consider a plug-in air freshener as long as the scent is not too concentrated or strong. Small rooms such as a bathroom can hold onto scents, even pleasant ones, and cause them to be too strong.

Whether you are selling a house in Jupiter, a luxury home Palm Beach Gardens, a cottage in Mirasol or a Condo on Singer Island, making every part of your home sparkle will draw in more buyers and more attractive offers.