15 Things All New Homeowners Should Do

New to homeownership? There are a lot of things to know and keep track of, but I have developed a list of the 15 most important things to know or do as a first-time homeowner.

1. Change address and set up utilities

  • Student loans
  • Credit Card
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Delivery services
  • Insurance Companies
  • Amazon
  • Bills
  • Friends and Family

2. Change the locks

3. Find the emergency shut-off valves to hot water heaters, natural gas, propane, water, and furnaces.

4. Make a home maintenance checklist

  • Test smoke detectors
  • Clean gutters
  • Fertilize
  • Clean dryer vent
  • Clean and replace the furnace filter
  • Sweep chimney

5. Review the home inspection for anything that you want to repair or replace or put on a list for future maintenance

6. Replace furnace filter

7. Clean all ducts and vents in the house for energy efficiency

8. Double check under sinks for leaks

9. Replace burnt bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs

10. Set up Internet and external routers

11. Develop an emergency plan for your family in case of fire, flood, earthquake, or other natural or domestic disaster.

12. Get to know your neighbors for your own peace of mind and safety

13. Trim trees and bushes away from lower windows to maintain safety. 

14. Store all home purchase documents and important papers in a fire-proof safe. 

15. Map out routes to schools, stores, and common services.

Of course, there could a million other things but these are really the most important. Be safe, plan for safety, and move into a home the right way!