If you're serious about selling your home you're probably looking for every way possible to attract a potential buyer. Buyers change over the decades and today we have more millennial buyers than ever before. Baby boomers are retiring and looking for a place to relax and millennial's are looking for that perfect home to start or continue their family. If you really want to appeal to a wide range of homebuyers here are 10 must-have is that all homes should possess in order to attract homebuyers.

#1. A separate laundry room.10 must haves all buyers want

Donna the days where homeowners want to traipse downstairs to a basement are out to a garage in order to get laundry done. Having a laundry room close to the bedrooms, either upstairs or on the ground floor with enough space to fold clothes and have some storage space is a key component that many home buyers are looking for these days.

#2. Garage storage space.

Space, space and more space. That's what a lot of homebuyers are looking for and if the garage cannot only house one or two cars but may have an additional parking space, cabinets, shelving or workbench, it will appeal to more buyers.

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#3. Eat in kitchens.

Eat in kitchens are a must have for many homebuyers, especially families with children. However, they don't just want to eat in kitchen, they want a formal dining room as well. This is enough space to allow for a small table and chairs, a bench up against a window and a table or some space that the family can have a quick breakfast or lunch in without hauling dishes to the formal dining room.

#4. Walk in kitchen pantry.

This is becoming a huge attraction in many new homes. This is a pantry space that not only will fit all of your dry goods and canned goods but maybe a few appliances, paper towels, dish rags, soaps etc. This walk-in kitchen pantry is probably about the size of that eat in kitchen.

#5. Updated kitchen and bathroom.

If the home is a little bit older, the kitchen and bathroom should be one of the top things to renovate. New countertops, new paint, refinish the cabinets or replace them and new floors all mean an attractive outlook to potential buyers.

#6. Open floor plan.

An open floor plan is a must-have in many new homes and most new construction properties and models will have this type of floor plan. The living room, kitchen, dining room and family room are all connected by one large room. No longer is one of these rooms cut off from the rest of the family.

#7. Home office.

Now, a home office can simply be an additional bedroom but having a space set aside for this is essential to many potential homebuyers today. Using either an attic, a veranda at the top of the stairs or a separate bedroom dedicated as an office will appeal to many buyers.

#8. Easy maintenance.

Buyers today are also looking for a low maintenance type of home. They want low upkeep features such as hardwood floors as opposed to carpeting, granite countertops and items that don't need a lot of maintenance or fussing. Many of today's buyers grew up with their parents having along honey do list of repairs each weekend and they're trying to find homes that avoid this type of maintenance.

#9. Energy efficiency.

Homebuyers today are looking for energy Star appliances, energy-efficient lighting, windows, doors and proper insulation levels. They don't want to be spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on wasted energy each year. You might be surprised how many people ask about the efficiency of homes.

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#10. En suite master bath.

According to an article in USA Today, buyers will pay an extra 49% or over $2000 extra for a home with an en suite master bath. This type of feature is important to people 35 and older and those that feel that home is their mental sanctuary.

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For more information on staging and setting up your home for today's buyers please contact my office today. I can offer tips, suggestions and how to stage and layout your home for the maximum appeal to the majority of homebuyers.