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Sept. 2, 2019

How Homeowners Can Recover From Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes on Florida's east coast are nothing new but when we get reports of a pretty serious one, we start to look at our insurance policies, battening down the hatches, and what to do after a hurricane. Here are a few ways homeowners can recover from any hurricane damage.How Homeowners Can Recover From Hurricane Damage

If your home is damaged what do you do first?

When it's safe to do so, make any temporary repairs to prevent further damage of possible. This might mean putting tarps over holes in the roofs or plywood over broken windows.

Document as much as possible to ease your claiming process Make sure you understand what your policy covers and take pictures of everything.

Limits of your homeowner insurance policy depend on property damage from wind, but flood damage may not be covered through a standard homeowners policy even though flooding is a pretty common effect of a hurricane. Homeowners should consider purchasing separate coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Renters policy may only cover renters possession inside while the landlord can ensure the building's structure. Any damage to personal vehicles from wind and flooding is typically covered under your auto insurance policy.

What might not be covered?

Lost wages, temporary housing, or money to cover living expenses while your home is being prepared may not be covered so it's important to understand your policy and have a backup.

Be aware of scammers. Scammers come out in droves after damage from natural disasters. You'll want to contact your insurance company before signing anything and only work with licensed and insured contractors. Make sure you get more than one estimate and get everything in writing. As for identification from sales representatives and never pay a contractor in full or assign a completion certificate until the work is completed.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA can provide various forms of financial assistance after a disaster but it must be declared a federal disaster first. Visit the disaster assistance.gov and enter your address and they can point you toward FEMA disaster recovery centers.

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Aug. 30, 2019

Best Way to Prepare Your House for a Hurricane

It was Hurricane Harvey and then Irma - Now we have Dorian. We can have some doozies around here.  Nobody wants the reality of what might happen but it's important to understand and be prepared as much as possible.

One of the biggest things to prepare and plan for is to evacuate when you're told to do so even before. There's just no point to risk it if there's any chance of death or injury.

That being said, there are some things to help prepare your home just in case it gets hit.

How to prepare your house for a hurricane

#1. Review your insurance policy. 

Ask your insurance company what they will cover. Many insurance companies will handle general fire or theft but may not have coverage for natural disasters. Also, you might have hurricane insurance but not flood insurance. Many people may not even be able to get flood insurance so it's important to understand what you have, what it covers, and talk to them about your concerns so that you are covered or have a plan of action if you need to.

#2. Take an inventory of your property.

Go throughout your house and take pictures of each room. Take specific pictures of high-priced items or high to get personal materials such as pianos, jewelry, high-end furniture and other items. Make a list of all of these things and have them in the cloud so that you can access them should your home get destroyed.

#3. Secure and seal your roof if you can.

The roof is one of the largest potential openings on the house and wind and water can do a tour of damage to a roof. Try to inspect your roof ahead of time to make sure that all the shingles are secured and that there are no broken or missing tiles. You may have to spend about $500 to seal the roof deck, but it could help.

#4. Consider roof straps. 

Florida requires builders to attach home's roof to the walls with metal straps. So make sure that those roof straps are in good working condition and have been installed properly.

#5. Seal windows and doors.

Check the seals around your windows and doors. You might just get a little bit of wind and rain but you certainly don't want any of that coming in through the cracks in and around the windows. This could lead to rot and mildew inside the walls. This also includes sealing any additional holes from electrical wires or cabling coming into the house.

#6. Clear the lawn and deck.

Make sure you're not leaving anything lying around such as lawn furniture, pots, vases, chairs, anything that could be blown around and used as a missile heading toward your windows or your doors and the side of your house. Make sure everything is stored indoors or secured to the ground.

#7. Reinforce your garage door.

Garage doors can blow in and if you have an attic above the garage it can blow up and tear the house apart. Strengthen your existing garage door by installing a vertical garage door brace and reinforcing it with horizontal wooden beams. [Source]

#8. Have an emergency pack ready to go.

This will include all first aid supplies, a battery-powered radio and extra batteries, flashlights and batteries, chargers for your phone, cash, food and supplies for your pets. You may also need about 1 gallon of water per family per member per day.

#9. Put things up that you want to save.

It's hard to prop up couches and chairs, but try to put everything up at least 5 feet or higher in the room to protect as much is possible. Put computers and power supplies up into closets and pick anything up off the floor that you want saved such as books, rugs, shoes, blankets, and chairs if you can.

Hold on tight Florida, Dorian is coming for us. But, we can try to be as prepared as possible both for our own safety initially and for the rebuilding of our homes later on. But, let's all pray we don't have to go that far.

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July 25, 2019

Going from Renting to Buying is Not Quite the Same Thing

Going from Renting to Buying is Not Quite the Same Thing

There are a lot of real estate articles out there telling you that if you can afford a rental payment you can afford a house payment. Heck, I've probably written some myself, but is that really true? If you can afford a $2000 rental payment does not mean you can afford a $2000 mortgage payment? Well, there are differences. For starters, if something goes wrong in a rental, you typically have a landlord you can call to fix, repair, or replace items. When you own the home, those responsibilities fall to you. But there are also other costs involved in homeownership.

The major difference is what the mortgage includes. While rent is simply a once a month fee, mortgage payment includes four different things called PITI.

Principle: The principle is the amount of payment that goes towards the balance of your mortgage loan. This pays down the actual mortgage loan that you took out.

Interest: This is what the loan cost you.  This is determined by your interest rate and most interest rates are amortized, which means that the longer you pay the less interest you have.

Taxes: You'll need to pay property taxes as a homeowner and they are usually blended into your mortgage payment through an escrow company but can be paid by annually or annually out-of-pocket.

Insurance: You will need homeowners hazard insurance, which can also be paid through an escrow company to cover your home in case there is the weather damage, theft, or other potential issues.

It's important to know what goes into your mortgage payment. If you have an FHA mortgage or you obtained a mortgage that was close to 100% of the loan value, you will also have to add on private mortgage insurance or PMI. This can be canceled after a couple of years if the loan to value ratio drops below 80%. But this could add anywhere from $100-$300 per month. 

And again, you will have the responsibility of repair and replacement if necessary. So while the actual monthly housing payment might be similar, there are other factors involved. But remember, you are building equity. Your home is probably gaining just as much is you are paying out every single month and it's kind of like an investment that you can live in at the same time.

For more information please browse my website or contact my office today to schedule a showing of any Palm Beach Gardens or Jupiter home for sale.

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July 9, 2019

Should I Buy a Home in Florida in the Summer?

Should I Buy a Home in Florida in the Summer?

It's hot outside but that's totally normal around here. I think we're hitting a high of 90° today and that can make homebuyers a little sluggish but it's actually a great time to buy. 

Summer in Palm Beach County Florida is usually our slow time when it comes to real estate. When we have comfortable temperatures in the 60s and 70s in the middle of winter it can be easy to buy a house as you're going from one place to another and the outside temperatures don't bother anybody. But, you also have to deal with holidays, the middle of school, and relocating from other places in the country if you're doing so. Selling or buying in one place and relocating to another may not be the easiest unless you're doing it all in Florida. So what are some of the pros and cons to buying a Florida home in the summer?

#1. Florida agents have nothing but time.

Because summer is our slowest time, real estate agents can spend all their time focusing on you and your needs. During the busiest times, real estate agents can take on 10+ homes at a time, which leaves very little time for each buyer or seller. In the summer, we have fewer clients so your priorities and interests get more of our attention.

#2. Less competition.

Because summer is not a busy time, you'll have less competition in the market. Most buyers will either wait until spring, fall, or winter to buy a home so you won't need to compete with a lot of multiple offer situations.

#3. Motivated sellers. 

Because there are not as many buyers, you won't have a lot of competition, which means that sellers will be more motivated and may be more likely to take her lower-priced offer or offers with more incentives to the buyers.

#4. Quicker close.

Many sellers will want to close before school starts, so you're likely to get a faster closing time then when the escrow, mortgage, and real estate industry is really jumping in the winter and fall.

#5. More daylight.

Most people have a day job and can't look at homes all day, every day, but when you're looking for a home in the summer, you may have daylight until 9 PM or later. It makes it nice for those that work during the day to see homes and the neighborhood even up until 10 PM.

#6. No school.

This may or may not affect you but if the seller has children, they're probably looking at summer to sell. It's easier and a little more carefree to move during the summer when you don't have to worry about kids starting into a new school or transitioning out in the middle of the year.

There are a lot of great reasons to buy a home in the summer in Florida said don't let the weather turn you off when there are so many other benefits.

For more information or to get started looking at homes in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, or surrounding communities give me a call today or start your online search here for free.

Pros and Cons to Living in a Gated Community in Florida

10 Simple Ways to Make Buying a Home More Affordable

15 Things All New Homeowners Should Do

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June 25, 2019

The Mirasol Foundation - Community Services

The Mirasol foundation was established in 2016 as a nonprofit civic organization in Palm Beach County. This volunteer charitable organization is supported by the residents of the Mirasol Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. It's mission is to provide financial support for qualifying 501(c)(3) agencies that provide critical programming for the underserved residing within Palm Beach County and surrounding counties. At the end of their first fundraising season over $120,000 of financial grants were awarded to this and other nonprofit agencies.The Mirasol Foundation - Community Services

Mirasol Country Club has been involved within the community since 2014. The foundation's Board of Directors is thankful for tremendous financial support from residents and surrounding communities as well as hands-on community involvement. This past April 2019, the Mirasol foundation awarded $200,000 to 24 worthy nonprofit and civic organizations around the communities. Their goal is to raise, administer, and distribute funds to civic, cultural, educational, social, and health-related nonprofit organizations throughout Palm Beach County. Residents and members can donate online here and find out more information on grants and the application process.

To be considered for an annual grant, your organization must be a tax-exempt, nondenominational organization, with a demonstrated financial stability and strong leadership. The foundation does not fund individuals, organizations outside of Palm Beach County, national organizations that do not have an active local chapter, religious or sectarian organizations, general animal and environmental programs except for educational outreach, grants to lobby legislation or multi-your grants. All proposals for funding are reviewed by the committee and those selected will be invited to complete the full grant application.

The Mirasol Country Club is always finding new and innovative ways to reach out to the community and become an integral part of our County. If you're looking to be a part of Mirasol please start your online search here for all real estate in Mirasol Country Club or simply contact my office at any time for more details.

Check out all of the latest information about Mirasol here.

The best thing about Mirasol

Best restaurants close to Mirasol

Camp Mirasol Sports Complex

Successful Mirasol Agents

How satisfied are Mirasol homeowners?

Mirasol Fees

The Mirasol Country Club Real Estate Market

Palm Beach Property Map Search  


Palm Beach Property Map Search
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June 18, 2019

Mirasol Country Club Home Prices - What to Expect

Mirasol Country Club Home Prices - What to Expect


While the rest of the country heats up in the real estate market things in Florida tend to slow down. Our busiest season is typically in the fall and winter so now we have a chance to catch our breath, and really take a look at what's going on in the real estate market.

As of the publishing of this post, June 2019, there are 36 active listings on the market in Mirasol country club. These homes are priced from $399,890-$4,700,000.

  • The longest property on the market has been listed for 1027 days and is priced at $599,000 located at 293 Porto Vecchio Way. 
  • Over the last six months, there have been 29 properties sold priced from $430,000-$4,635,000.
  • The average or mean price in Mirasol Country Club is $1,773,250.
  • The median price is $1,675,000.
  • The average days on the market is 169.
  • The shortest days on the market was 26 in the longest was 429 days.

See the Full Market Report Here for Mirasol Country Club

More on Mirasol:

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May 7, 2019

Pros and Cons to Living in a Gated Community in Florida

There are no shortage of gated communities throughout Palm Beach County. From some of the newest Alton and Sonoma Isles to the tried-and-true Mirasol and Abacoa, gated communities are in abundance throughout Palm Beach County but are they really what you're looking for? There are pros and cons to gated communities and it's important to understand both to make sure this is the direction you'd like to go.

 Here are some of the benefits, pros, and advantages to Pros and Cons to Living in a Gated Community in Floridaa gated community.

#1. Security. This is usually one of the number one things people go for when looking at gated communities. They don't want just anyone being able to travel through the neighborhood or knock on their door. This naturally makes people feel safer about living in a community than a typical neighborhood as there are lower crime rates.

#2. Exclusivity. While you don't necessarily have to spend a fortune for a gated community there is a sense of exclusivity that people really enjoy.

#3. Privacy. Most gated communities have monitoring going on at all times so that no one can just come in and out whenever they want. This decreases the amount of interference from the outside world.

#4. Low traffic. Because only residents and their guests are traveling throughout the community you're not can have a whole lot of unnecessary traffic. This may mean that the streets are quieter and safer and a lot of commuters will be bothering you.

Drawbacks, cons, or disadvantages to a gated community.

#1. Higher prices. Although you can find homes and gated communities around the $500,000 mark most homes and gated communities are upwards of $1 million or more. However, if you can afford it and this is your budget, gated community may be a great option for you.

#2. Difficulty getting in. The same advantage can be a disadvantage because anyone visiting your home will need to be added to the list, have a security code, or need to wait in line at the guardhouse. There are usually stipulations for package deliveries and guests, but it does slow things down a little bit.

#3. Additional cost. Because you live in a gated community there are extra expenses to the guardhouse, gate management, and upkeep so your home association fees may be more.

#4. Specific rules. There are usually rules when you live in a gated community and they can be very strict meaning you may not be able to list and sell your house the exact way you want to or paint your house or choose your own landscaping. Rules are usually put in place to keep properties looking consistent, which is something you may not like.

You can see there are pros and cons to a gated community but as long as you understand them and are willing to adhere to these roles or you like the fact that there's more security and rules, a gated community might be ideal.

Start your search here for all gated communities throughout Palm Beach County and feel free to contact me at any time to schedule a showing.

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April 9, 2019

6 Ways to Boost ROI on Your Vacation Home

ROI, or return on investment, is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. Often referred to vacation homes or rentals, ROI includes deducting expenses, mortgage interest, and property taxes, which is ideal if you limit personal use of the vacation home to 14 days per year or about 10% of the time the home was rented, whichever is greater. If you're considering buying a vacation rental or home throughout Palm Beach County or anywhere in Florida, there are several ways to boost your rate of return.

#1. Donate time at the rental in a charity auction.6 Ways to Boost ROI on Your Vacation Home

You can donate the use of your home to a charity event and both the bitter who wins the auction and the vacation rental owner can take a charitable deduction for any amount that is greater than the personal benefit made. This means that if your home gets auctioned off in a charity auction for, let's say, $7500, but the market value is $5000, you would be able to deduct $2500 on your taxes.

#2. Donate the property to charity when you're done with it.

Rather than just a one-time vacation use donation, if you're not interested in keeping the home and you want to lower your tax bill, you can donate it to a qualified charity and deduct the fair market value of the property based on an appraisal. This may or may not be more beneficial than selling it outright so it's important to run all the numbers.

#3. Consider renting to an organization rather than an individual.

Many organizations, churches, or even nonprofits will use homes for retreats, getaways, or you can consider leasing your home to recovery industry organizations as an ultra stick opportunity. You can deduct the typical rental fee on your taxes.

#4. Use it for business.

If the business owns the property, you can use the house as a reward or a retreat for clients and employees. The amount received should be reported on the employees year on the tax form and would be subject to employment taxes but it can be deductible for you if the business owns the property.

#5. Consider furnishing it.

You can get a higher rental rate with the right decorations. My furnishing the home you can deduct a lot of the purchases and by going with a gray, white, or black color scheme, you can attract high and renters as well.

#6. Share the property with friends and family.

When you're not using the vacation property you can invite friends and family to share costs by offering them to buy a part of the investment or rent it to them at a daily rate for the cost of some of the expenses.

If you're considering a vacation property in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, or anywhere in Palm Beach County, contact me today to receive a list of all properties that would be ideal and offer a great rate of return on your investment

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Dec. 10, 2018

Palm Beach FL Makes National News as Luxury Buyers Search for Something Different

A recent article published on MSN Business Insider turned its attention to the surprising changes in trends on luxury real estate sales and what buyers are currently looking for in luxury properties. The article titled “ A Palm Beach real-estate agent says she’s surprised by the latest request from her multimillionaire clients” highlights these current trends.

Paulette Koch, a local agent in Palm Beach County, was interviewed. In the article, she explains how many of her clients looking for luxury properties are not asking for large sprawling single-family homes. A majority of luxury buyers are searching for smaller properties with more amenities.Palm Beach County luxury home buyers

These properties though they offer less square footage, still offer high quality and impressive architecture as well as a long list of amenities to make life easier. Buyers who own several properties and/or lead busy lives are searching for properties that are “more manageable, so it’s not akin to running another corporation,” in Koch’s words.

The article goes on to explain how over the past five years the number of upscale rooms offered in extended-stay hotels has increased by 34%. Some people are paying high monthly rents to live in the luxury and convenience of these spaces. They offer such services as dog walking, kitchens completely stocked with quality cookware and dishes right down to the utensils, no commitment health centers, free bike shares, housekeeping, concierge services, and more.

With this growing trend, apartment buildings and condo communities across the country are getting on board. Properties are offering home ownership with a lavish hotel-style of living. Highlighted features at some of these communities include sky parks on the roof of the building with running tracks, green space, and swimming pools. Other buildings are offering al-fresco resident only rooftop dining venues and outdoor movie theaters. Have a sweet furry family member? They too can be well cared for in onsite pet spas.

No matter the current trend or buyer demand, Palm Beach County has always been an unparalleled place to find luxury real estate. If you are looking for a luxury property in the Palm Beach area there is a property for you. From waterfront mansions to quiet private country estates with lots of land, to a simpler condo and condo-like properties that require less owner care and attention. Whatever your lifestyle and preferences this is the place to be.

Are your looking for a luxury home in Palm Beach County? Please contact Palm Beach Coastal Realty anytime, a local realtor highly knowledgeable in all things Palm Beach County.

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Nov. 26, 2018

Jupiter Home with Gorgeous Views in Private Gated Community

Well cared for custom built home for sale located at 1984 SE Colony Way in Jupiter, Florida. This home offers 3,239 square feet in the private gated Ranch Colony golf community.

Jupiter Home with Gorgeous Views in Private Gated Community

Pull the car up to the large circle drive on the generous 1.22-acre lot. Notice that the three car garage is attractively sideloaded from behind. The roomy garage is very clean and you can’t tell a car was every parked in it. Step into the home and enjoy its naturally lit, bright and airy feel with an open floor plan. Notice that every window in the home provides stunning views of either the pond on the edge of the backyard or the first hole of the well-loved Dye Preserve golf course.

The kitchen is very roomy featuring stone countertops, large island with range, double oven, and walk-in pantry. It opens up to the family room and breakfast nook with views of the fully screened in patio with pool and hot tub as well as views of the pond. The family room also offers a convenient wet bar.

The master suite does not disappoint with large picture windows and private back entrance onto the patio leading to the pool and hot tub. The en-suite master bath offers a double vanity, large soaking tub, and huge walk through shower. The master closets are complete with custom shelving.

The second and third bedrooms are nicely sized and have private entrances to the second and third bathrooms. The office is a great space for working from home or using as a spare room if needed.

This is a must see home, not just for its great main features, but all of the custom detail and pride of ownership. Buyers will enjoy the large picture windows, double crown moldings, halogen-lit art niches, 8-foot solid core doors, and vaulted and tray ceilings.

Ranch Colony Community

This is more than just a luxury housing subdivision. The Ranch Colony is a gated community comprised of 5 smaller housing communities. This sprawling and spacious countryside colony has everything from large equestrian estates and mini ranches to a landing strip for small aircraft and golf club properties. Enjoy the best of living on a large private property surrounded in nature with the convenience of being just 10 to 15 minutes from all Jupiter has to offer.

Living in Jupiter, Florida

Jupiter is at the northern tip of Palm Beach County on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Residents here enjoy the 5 miles of white sand beaches, 22 miles of Intracoastal Waterway, 18 golf courses, 2.5 mile paved Riverwalk on the Intracoastal waterway, outdoor concerts at Carlin Park, live performances at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre, shopping at Indiantown Road, visiting nearby Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, and close access to Palm Beach International Airport. Young families enjoy Jupiter for its A-rated public schools.

Interested in this home or purchasing a home in Jupiter? Contact us anytime, we are knowledgeable in all things Palm Beach County and can help you find the Jupiter home to fit your lifestyle. Schedule a Showing

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