Mirasol, located in Palm Beach Gardens Florida, has recently approved a $40 million renovation project. This is big news for our area. The Mirasol Country Club is a landmark in Palm Beach Gardens and we are excited about the up-coming changes to this popular community.Mirasol's New Improvement Project

The Mirasol has been approved to update and improve facilities at their country club which is home to over 1100 households and homes. In the beginning, the planning committee felt that the project was too expensive but according to a recent release from Mirasol’s strategic 1,000+ member planning committee, over 50% of the members voted for the project. Within an 87% membership turnout for the vote, this could pave the way for even more important projects over the next few years.

This new and improved project will include a tennis center, a two-story Esplanade building, family aquatics area, new restaurant and ballroom expansion and will be one of the city's biggest improvement projects ever. Construction on the Mirasol project will begin in roughly one year.

The Variety at Mirasol | Neighborhoods and Subdivisions

The Mirasol golf community has undertaken major capital improvement projects over the past two years and is trying to take advantage of the low interest rates in order to upgrade their community to compete with similar communities around Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter.

Some members have worried that increased dues and assessments could discourage potential buyers back to current members that approve the project are hopeful for a stronger and more resourceful community.

Mirasol Country Club Amenities

The planning committee for Mirasol estimates that this assessment will increase homeowners dues of about $175 a month for 12 1/2 years. The extended facilities will generate about $1.3 million in additional annual cost or about $1100 per year, per membership. The committee has spent months evaluating alternatives and getting input from community members and city Council. The design and construction will be by Peacock + Lewis Architects and Planners LLC of North Palm Beach. [Source]

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